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Have you ever wondered what your place of employment looks when you're 60 feet in the air?  I no longer do since I took a ride in our new bucket truck!  Pretty cool ride, but they wouldn't let me control it (probably for the best).
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ND Football #1 what!?

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Who seriously punches a 70 year old woman in the face?  Was she really a physical threat?  Geez...

I agree that sometimes I'd like to punch an annoying greeter in the face from time to time, but I'm a master of restraint!

Had a break at work and took an online American Citizenship test and got 84/96 questions correct (87.5%).  Apparently you only need to get 58 right to be considered a "citizen" (60.4%).  I'm glad I passed, but isn't 60% considered a D?  If you tried to transfer a D grade to another college, you have to take the course over again.  I'm just saying...

Has anyone been having trouble with Verizon in the Indianapolis area today?  I've dropped service on my phone 6 times on my way to work!  Just curious...

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Pretty Awesome survival tips if you ever find yourself in the woods with a broken cell phone!

Just got a spam email from FTD to send flowers to my dad for Father's Day.  Who sends flowers to their dad!?  Unless it's a bouquet of Craftsman tools or something...

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Maybe we'll start seeing these across Indiana soon?!
Electricity Pylons. Awful things that spoil our lovely countryside.

So we’re championing...

‘Deer Pylons’ (Photo via designdepot .ru).

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Not a bad sign to see when it's Monday morning!

Just got a new laptop at work and discovered I have no games installed! What's up with that?! Not even a solitaire or free cell. Weak...
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