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My Google Talk buddy list was full of people from Google+ as of this morning. I saw at least a dozen people I don't usually see there (from Pidgin on Linux). Did Google announce this change? Did anyone else see this?
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I also noted this. I assumed it had something to do with my logging in to the Google Talk app on my new Android tablet, but I guess that wasn't it.
I can't think of anything I did that was different between yesterday morning and this morning. . . launch Pidgin, log into Google Talk. The change must have been on Google's end.
They've been merging a lot of different services... Remember, all apps/svcs are or will be sharing info. It makes sense, really. Though the best thing to do from a user-centric standpoint is to notify the users that something has changed when they use the thing that's changed. 
I didn't have chat enabled, but I enabled it just now to adjust the privacy settings. Hope that works.
D'oh! This just happened again... maybe because I used the Hangouts app on my new Nexus 5? I thought I was careful to say "don't show people from Google+ in my instant messenger buddy list". Pidgin is full of these people.
I now have a person listed in gmail chat. Their olny relation to me is that they have included me in their circles and we shared an email. They are not in any of my circles or in my gmail contact list. I have "auto add contacts" turned off.  I have no history of a "chat" with them. Why are they listed?
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