I tweaked the SVG for the hacker emblem and made a series of images that show how a glider moves.

Is there such a thing as blogger's remorse? I'm a pretty big believer in the idea that "Cool URIs don't change" per http://www.w3.org/Provider/Style/URI.html but I'm pretty sure that I want to change the URL scheme I chose in haste when I posted a link to /2012/03/24/room-for-the-hacker-emblem-to-move.html on http://greptilian.com (I'm purposefully breaking this apart so the post isn't linkable.) I'm pretty sure I'm going to put some qualifier in the URL. . . "blog" or "hacking" or something, but I haven't yet decided. Since this was my first blog post on http://greptilian.com (which itself is a new domain), it's better to just pull it down now, I think, since I'm most likely going to change the URL scheme for all blog posts. If I have this much angst about the URL, I'd better pull it down now instead of waiting until I have half a dozen posts out there. If I ultimately come full circle and end up with the same URL for that blogs post, no harm done, really. Who knew blogging would be so hard!

Anyway, as I'm about to pull down the post, I figured I'd jump into this Google+ post and figure out how to change the link. It turns out you can't, as far as I can tell from clicking around and looking at the JSON output from the API. A link on a Google+ post is technically an "article" ( see object.attachments[].objectType at https://developers.google.com/+/api/latest/activities ) and from what I can tell, you can can remove article objectType from an "activity" (a post), but afterwards, you can't add another objectType. This means that if you have second thoughts about a Google+ post, you can remove the objectType (currently available: article [i.e. link], photo, or video), but afterwards, you can't add another objectType. So you can't remove a link and add a different one. You can't remove a video and then add a photo instead, etc. The annoying thing about having to delete a link/article from a Google+ post is that I'll lose the attached picture as well (my modified hacker emblem, in this case). Again, once and objectType is deleted, you can't add another one, so this post will just be boring text. Oh well.

So the lessons are:

1. Cool URLs don't change (kicking myself; I knew this already)
2. Link in haste, repent at leisure
3. Google+ is a bit inflexible in what it allows you to change in a post

Now I'm off to go delete the tweet about my blog post too. And then take down the blog post. I was just so excited to have played around with editing SVGs by hand (surprisingly easy!) and learning a bit about the hacker emblem (and the fact that it moves) and Conway's Game of Life that I couldn't resist posting something. I don't anticipate the following URL changing, so for now you can go look at my blog post about the hacker emblem here:

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