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Well if we make them all legal I guess it would thin the population of addicts faster?
Hey Phil, What really gets me under my skin with Americans is that they feel that they are the brightest and most knowledgeable people which there has been many proof that they are not so bright.
Drugs going completely legal is pretty overboard. Doing it might open even more floodgates that will spin the current drug situation into a larger shitstorm. Though it still is an interesting proposition.
Actually, drugs legalized but restricted like alcohol and cigarettes, would afford MORE protection to children, etc. Think about it.
legalizing drugs is taking away the wallets of organized crimes, and thus in theory lowering crime rates... massively
Yeah true, since they are legal it might make it a lot easier to control.
I agree, how can we say alcohol and tobacco are legal and other drugs are illegal? If we were going for one extreme or the other, I reluctantly think I'd vote for no drugs before I'd vote for all drugs. 
I feel as if most drugs should be legalized because then the people addicted to the drug they are using will be more open to look for help.
So happy there was a positive response to poppa Defranco, I'm not eligible,but my thoughts go out to you and your family.
My friends and I have discussed the idea of making all drugs legal, and we came up with the idea that it is your choice if you want to use specific hard drugs, but if you rely on government aid, you will be denied that aid, via urine test, etc. It's your choice if you want to potentially ruin your life, but the populous shouldn't have to pay for you to do it.
And legalizing drugs removes yet another way government can (a) take our money; (b) snoop into our lives; (c) make us criminals; and (d) lock us up. The "Drug War" is also massively discriminatory. Less blacks than whites actually do illegal drugs but guess who gets locked up the most? And people say Ron Paul is racist.
Agreed. Legalize them all. If anyone wants to destroy themselves through over use of drugs, like many already do with alcohol, they're welcome to it. If people just want to occasionally use drugs for the fun of it or what have you, like many already use alcohol, they're welcome to it. It should be an individual choice. For a government or any other organization to tell anyone what they can and can't do in decisions that only affect them smacks of tyranny. And to be honest, prohibition in the 1920's turned out to be one of the worst ideas anyone has ever had. It essentially created organized crime for goodness sake. So I say, legalize it, and tax it, just like alcohol.
+Marshall Harrison Agree 100%. If they're legalized not only can they be taxed properly, but drug cartels will have a much harder time thriving the way they do today.
I am sort of curious, why is it that only O+/O- people are accepted for the living donor program? I know as a B+ blood donor I'm a rare breed and can give my blood out to people who seriously need it. Any reason why a B+ type isn't a good match for organ donations?
+Aundrea McMillan odds are poppa defranco has a blood type of O positive. There are a ton of other antibody considerations as well (HLA's)
Lets leave taxes out of the subject, How would legalizing be beneficial, this means drug companies could basically sell us anything they want? since we are approving sales of drugs that kill people, legalizing pot is one thing but legalizing all drugs would be a disaster. Although it would be a real win for Central American governments since their population can not afford hard drugs.
aaaawwww tear i wish i could donate... family his of kidney disease, dr wouldn't even let me donate to my dad when he needed one but sending all things positive you way because i know the feeling. i hope he gets better soon & lives a full life

Right now "legal" drug companies dominate and it doesn't help they have a $ relationship with our government.

End the War on Drugs

"But," some ask, "What about heroine! Would you really make THAT legal?!" Yes.

(1) If heroine were legal, would you suddenly start doing it? How many would decide they suddenly want to put heroine in their ears?

(2) When it is legal and above-ground, it is safer in sooo many ways, including free and open competition improving the quality and safety of the product. Oh and yay it can be taxed.

(3) Right not it is easier for a kid to find pot than buy alcohol. Alcohol is almost completely only available for purchase in well lit, clean, monitored, violence-free, public-type places with strict rules in place to keep it from being sold to minors.

(4) What if a goal of ours was to shift the paradigm to where drug use is seen as a health issue instead of a criminal issue? If that was our goal, how do we best get there? De-criminalize.

(5) Our government spends a LOT of money fighting this "war" on drugs. That money comes out of our pockets. Isn't it funny we are paying someone to make us criminals?

(6) America leads the world be FAR in how many people we put behind bars. It's yet another scam we allow to happen.

(7) The "Drug War" is also massively discriminatory. Less blacks than whites actually do illegal drugs but guess who gets locked up the most? Yep, black people. Ron Paul promises the first thing he will do is give a presidential pardon to everyone behind bars for a non-violent drug "crime". That means a lot of people of color. Still believe he is a racist?

(8) Finally, one last thing, that funny little thing called freedom. Every law means a decrease in freedom and increase in the government's power to snoop on you, harass you, search you, and lock you up. Think for a moment what it would feel like to have a bunch of police knock down your door and take you away because you were sitting in your own home, eating or smoking a certain thing.
"It's not stupid to be mad, but don't let being mad make you stupid."
what makes me happy about usa: amazon, sad: goverment
its over zealous christian citizens and how close minded they are
+Aundrea McMillan O blood is the universal blood type that can be used by all other blood types. It does not have A or B antigens. B type blood can only be used by B and AB recipients. If Poppa DeFranco is type O he can only accept type O blood.
Hey Patrick, as a Christian citizen, I am FOR the legalization of drugs. 
I'm for them all being legalized, if someone wants to destroy themselves with drugs then go on ahead. That leaves me with the opportunity to get a better job.
As much as legalization sounds nice and it would let the US stop spending so much money on every level of the war on drugs, it didn't work out well when Switzerland tried it in Zurich. As far as how that translates to the US I don't know. I know people should be able to freely make decisions about their health, but no matter what, the US health system will bear this burden of drug users. Not-for-profit hospitals won't turn the people away from ERs, and that indirectly makes everything more expensive for insured patients and the gov't. However, marijuana should be legalized since it is much more dangerous illegal than legal.

P.S. Four Lions is a great movie- funny and kind of compassionate.
Fixed terms for Congressman and Senators! Lets get some fresh ideas from time to time!
While I don't use drugs and wouldn't if they were legalized, I believe the drug war is a huge waste of money. Portugal decriminalized drugs (including the hard stuff) and it's working out just fine for them. One of the few reasons I'd like to see Ron Paul as president.
As a doctor, I endorse Ron Paul 2012. Government is crushing my practice.
I think all drugs should be legal and sold over the counter. We should also promote awareness of the danger of the use of these drugs but ultimately let the junkies weed themselves out. There are to many people in this world as it is. If our only natural predator is our own stupidity then it's not so much of a shame when we fall pray to it.
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