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What up, Tuesday Type People? Today's PDS is now online, so go check it out! Love yo faces!! YOUTUBE IS BROKEN, ft. BOOBIES AND SUBSTANCE
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Not just youtube, but the justice system is broken.
Wow, thats fucking crazy, sometimes unfortunatley the church is fucked
Well, crazy is crazy. There's plenty around.
I hope one day that all the stupid people will be a minority. And we will be able to out vote them.
(said in high pitched female voice) OMG HE SAID G+ YEAH HE ACKNOWLEDGES IT'S EXISTENCE (now back to my Barry White tones lol) Great show as Usual didn't know youtube was so uh wanna say buggy.... whatever hmmm had other comments can't remember now cause u mentioned G+ lol
Well.... you did mention G+. :p
About youtube, it´s like you said... it´s the views that count. I looked up the youtubers you mentioned here on G+ and found none... I know i know, one might say "oh it´s a ghost town".. but in fact it´s not.. i found you in here, i found +Lamarr Wilson and a bunch of really interesting people. The point is - You gotta go make your audience, can´t just post the video and wait for the people to come, even if your video is awesome... tell your youtube friends to get up their asses, and start interacting with their audience... preferable here on G+.
i think youtube really needs to stabilize their whole honestly, it constantly freezes and glithes
I only watch you on my computer keep doing what your doing my friend.
Yes I have a Google+ account. I interact with more people here than I ever did on Facebook.
When the show will be over 15 min?
i commented on youtube, but i think i'll post here too.
...concentration camps. Gay concentration camps. Those words just got forced into my ears. What.
G+ shout :D I feel special because he is talking to about 20 of us.
Interesting that these videos are getting so much longer. I foresee a point at which the content will overtake Phils ability to produce videos on a daily basis! Word? How does an every other day video situation sound? Beefing up content and length ? Oh I like THAT!
zealots are corrupting The Word; shame on YOU for including all of God's faithful as part of this self-righteous hypocrite. It is so obvious this feeble "man" suffers from severe self-doubt, having set his own self as the way. Foolish, turn away from this crazy man; have faith in our lord Jesus Christ, not some feeble human who is going to pay for his
said deception.
ZeFrank is good to, I think you would like him Phil. ZeFrank is called the father of modern day video blogging. He inspired Weezy and the Vlogbrothers. I also like the game station. they seam to be the not evil Video Game partner station.
Phil you and Freddy W are the can't miss channels on the tube.
these are getting too long. I find myself getting tasked to do other things and listening to this in the background, not really paying attention. kinda miss the short snappy vids....
Favorite Youtuber = Mitchell Davis. Also, would love to see some devs lend a helping hand to struggling Youtubers (discount their services maybe?) by offering modular iOS and Android apps which Youtubers can easily customize for their videos (or maybe just a new video sharing service that is more geared toward mobile in general?).
today is my bday, may 23rd. Been watching pds for over 3 years, can you wish me a happy bday on the show today,tall order to ask but im a big fan and today it would mean allot. i dont care if i ever win a prize from commenting on pds, but a shout out would be the ultimate prize.
where is the proof that it was actually gay hate?
What's the difference between a preacher that hates gays, and Adolf Hitler?
[answer] A preacher that hates gays will "drop food" in his concentration camps.
Thanks Phil. Can g+ memebers get hit in the face with Diablo?
Just saying, it's not illegal to video tape somebody without their just sayin'
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