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I defended against a #zergrush on Google Search.
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i took down 43! this is awesomeeee!!!
Looking Beautiful..
How are you??
seriousely buddy? okay:
1. i barely just turned 16
2. you are really old
3. i have a penis
4. you are embarrasing yourself by putting this on a post that 1.137 million people can see
5. i dont know where youre from but pam is a creepy name
6. feel free to like and subscribe to me, links in the info on my page.
you get trashy comments on your posts ):
You are male or female ..Please don't mind
transgender female.... still female nonetheless...
Ah... looking for love in all the wrong places, the story that never gets old.
can you make friendship with me...??
i dont know how to make friendship... im assuming the base ingredients are something like water, eggs, milk, and sugar? something like that?
i dont know, i think you need to be online to access google+ if im correct...
Sorry..I'm already online...
have you Facebook ..
have you heard of facebook?
is that what youre trying to ask?
yes, i have heard of it! feel free to go stalk me on there like im sure you will do... but before you go liking all my pics and commenting perverted things, please learn a little english...
I want to make friendship with you...
i already said before! i dont know how to make friendship!! can you find me the ingredients?! and possibly an english tutor for yourself?
no i dont want friendship! ahahaha
~*~sorry to anyone having to watch the previous comments, im not a bitch, i get this everyday, look at it from my point of view...~*~
SERIOUSELY?!?! the one time you use proper english, and its an insult! wow buddy you are good...

and yes i know i am, thanksss!!! <3 :3 :D
I don't even know what happened, but holy shit, that was hysterical. :D
it happens to me EVERYDAY!!! im just so sorry everyone [including phil] had to see that! haha
+Hannah Pearce you cray cray gurlll, you got ya dindin as ya profile pic? ahhh you some type a' gangsta ass beeeooottcchhhh mmmhhhmmmm honey boo boo chiiild!
and you says yous on puhlutoe? yeah baby, you be trippin out on da mary jane-jane am i right?!?!
Well i clicked on this to read your scores but it was mildly entertaining to read that little back and forth from +Jazmine Khan You might have wanted to hold out there though, from the grammar I can only assume he was a Nigerian prince who wanted to send you lots of money >.>
Nice, geeky stuff.. I "killed" 57 :D
+Jarrod Abbott well its okay, i wouldve probably killed him and stole the money anyways, only to get jailed after a 5 year court investigation, then spend my years trying to escape prison along with my fellow convicts in jail...
If it is indeed your first attempt +Justin Krueger i want you on my team!!! for what? for anything that has to do with clicking like a bamf!!! i only got 74 lol.
200 apm, 81 lings. GET ON MY LEVEL!
Whenever I see Zerglings....I curl up into a ball and pray that I have enough to hold /cry
type serg rush into google and enjoy the clicking!
can we please go back to talking about me?!
No we wanna talk about the awesome Easter egg that google put for our entertainment. It saved me on the most boring day at work today ty google.
Sorry for spammin scores, I just feel that this is the only place appropriate to share besides my Facebook atm. BUT after my 3rd attempt I have hit achieved a score of 419 zerglings with 1702 APM!!
With all this great satisfaction also comes a great sense of pain from my hand... I do not think I will attempt this game any longer.
If you do not believe my score (nor do I) here is the proof! link
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