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What up, Wednesday Type People??! Today's PDS is now online, so go show it some love!! ZIMMERMAN FINALLY ARRESTED & CHARGED w/ SECOND DEGREE MURDER
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YES YES YES YES YES!!! Now I can stop wearing this hoodie!!! Thank god that he put him in jail!!
The new Youtube integration with the new G+ is amazing. It is so much more sleeker than before.
Yes, I think Zimmerman deserves to be charged. I don't think his "Stand Your Ground" defense will hold up in court, especially since he chased Treyvon down even after being told not to by authorities. And as far as I understand the law, it only holds true while at your home and if your life is being threatened.
You are wrong Brian, stand your ground applies to any situation you get into where you fear for your life while under the aggression of another.
so +Bart Bols let me get this straight...if I stalk you(against express police orders),threaten you, point a gun at you and then you DARE fight back I in theory have the right to shoot you? what fucking reality do you live in? please tell me your just a TROLL and not really serious.
+Bart Bols: Even still, I can't see how a bag of Skittles and a child half his size could be considered life threatening. Zimmerman chased the kid down and murdered him. Do the crime, pay the time.
The more that comes out about the incident the more it looks like Zimmerman was just defending himself. He had obvious injuries to the back of his head and there was at least one person who witnessed what happened and substantiated Zimmermans version. But I guess the court of public opinion is all that matters here. I'd like to know where Sharpton and the rest of the public is on the the black guy who viciously beat and stripped naked the white guy for no apparent reason. That was cought on video, yet no public outcry. I'm pretty sure putting out a bounty on someone's head is illegal as well. Haven't heard of any black panthers being arrested though. The justice system in this country is in serious trouble, and that means we as citizens are as well.
+Chad Hernandez yeah that will happen when you stalk a young child and point a gun at him and he struggles for his life. enjoy the kool aid dude
Also wonder why the media is so intent on portraying Treyvon as an innocent 12 year old. Why are they only showing old pictures of a child. This was a 17 yr old who portrayed himself as a gangsta...
+Chad Hernandez yes and he was a "gangsta" that was NOT BREAKING ANY LAWS! and had legal rights to be where he was..
zimmerman did not get any police orders until after the police arrived, he was talking to a paramedic respondent (a civilian giving advice) from the telephone records of said paramedic respondent it is clearly audible zimmerman did not threaten anyone, there was a struggle and 1 gunshot, a witness clearly saw zimmerman being jumped and pushed over... then a gunshot... zimmerman had the right to be at that spot, running after anyone who he wanted, if not just to ask what the hell that kid was doing there...

and even if all above would be bullshit, stand your ground applies to anyone threatened, that includes zimmerman... we have only zimmermans word and the word of the witnesses, and almost all give him a clean slate of blame...

dont like the law? vote to change it... but as long as its there, abide by the law... zimmerman walked within the lawful parimiters
Maybe so... Maybe not. Were you there? And that doesn't answer my question.
+Chad Hernandez, lol, wait you mean the doctored "digitally enhanced" video that shows a red blur on his head that isn't evident in ANY other video? Here's a stupid question, why would they need to digitally enhance a video recording to determine if Zimmerman's head was cut up when they could just look at his head right now? Makes no sense what-so-ever.
to further answer your question Brian hunt, no in that case it would have been cold murder

but that is not the case... is it?
well get your story straight +Bart Bols you said "You are wrong Brian, stand your ground applies to any situation you get into where you fear for your life while under the aggression of another." make up your mind you don't get it both ways. and from the transcript

911 dispatcher:

Are you following him? [2:24]


Yeah. [2:25]

911 dispatcher:


We don’t need you to do that. [2:26]


OK. [2:28]
sounds like an order to guys need to stop limbaugh and try some real news!
a 911 call is a civilian dispatcher, he has no lawful voice and can be ignored in this case... even if it was a police officer behind the line (it wasnt, again...) it did not change anything for the stand your ground law
Biran Hunt, i can understand your militant interest, but this is a typical stand your ground case.. if not? let the court system handle it... not the media... we dont live in the dark ages anymore, do we?
whatever +Bart Bols you know your wrong and you aren't going to double speak me !hopefully your never on the wrong end of that type of law..but don't expect justice if you are oh but Im betting your white so the law applies differently for you already oh BTW bart i'm white too so it also applies to me..
Think you're thinking of the doctored 911 tape the media released Brian... Again, why do you think that happened?
so does the pain of having wasted even less then 5 minutes debating this with a person using personal attacks to further his views
thats terribly racist, Brian Hunt... this friendly debate is over
oh this is good! i'm loving the new right wing attack...point out racial inequities and fools like +Bart Bols call you a racist. the facts are that white people get a fairer shake in just about any legal proceeding, that's not racist its TRUE.hahahahahahahahah
just to clarify for others, i take my offense in the racial profiling, my race should not effect or reflect the truthfulness of my words, basically Brian Hunt is saying because i am a hypocrite in his eyes, and supposedly most whites are hypocrites in these cases according to Brian Hunt, i must be white of race... this is racial nonsense and circle thinking at best, with at least 2 logical fallacies mixed in...
Want to hear a racist comment? Listen to what Zimmerman said on the 911 call. He called Treyvon a "F*cking Coon", and said "These assholes always get away". Yep, sounds like he's just defending himself in every way he possibly can. /facepalm
i did not find this racist comment (coon) in the official transcript, also sad truth for your argument even if he is the biggest racist (im not saying he is, he sounds more like a scared man trying to protect his neighborhood from reading the transcript... ofc this is 100% his words and could be carefully chosen) if things went like he and the witnesses! said it did, its self defense in a court of law....
Will S
I'm sorry, but if I saw someone following me around I'd probably feel a little threatened also. Zimmerman should never have approached/followed Trayvon. Especially after the dispatcher told him not to. This was not self defense. He was not standing his ground. He was looking for a confrontation. No reasonable person would believe that he would be in danger, while carrying a gun, of a teenager who weighs 100lbs less than you. That's why he's going to jail; there's no way he'll be able to prove that.
Will S
And the Police Department. My God...honestly all those cops should be, at minimum, suspended. What a horrible job.
i cant say i know what the police did wrong, lay it on me?
Will S
sigh Google it +Bart Bols. They pretty much believed everything Zimmerman, the shooter, said. And when you have the Police Chief stepping aside then you know the job wasn't/isn't being handled right.

Zimmerman has the burden of proof here, since self defense is an affirmative defense. He has to prove 1) a reasonable person, in his situation, would believe he was in danger and 2) that he actually believed it. Very hard to prove.

If this case goes Federal due to hate crimes he has no chance. Life in Prison. If the case stays local, it could go either way since it will be his community as the jury.
A guy is on top of you beating your head against the ground... I'd consider that a threat. You?
And Brian... Because it did? That's your answer and I'm "drinking the Kool Aid"? You're avoiding all the facts. Why cut out anything at all? Why not just play the tape as is. And why not show Treyvon as he was that night instead of 5 yrs ago? Agenda is the only reason. Just like the tape you refer to. When cleaned up clearly shows he said "cold", not coon. And you talk about reasonable reactions. Is it reasonable to attack someone because you believe they're following you? That's a reasonable response? Why didn't he call the police if he felt so threatened instead of his girlfriend...
your pigs were bombed off you couch!!!!!!!!
Will S
The problem, for Zimmerman, is that there's a gap between the phone call and the shooting. How far did he pursue? What started the confrontation? There was only 3 mins between the end of the police call and the gun shot. Just b/c you have your head beat in doesn't mean you didn't start the confrontation. And that's what it seems like happened. He started it. Will be hard to prove otherwise imo. And Trayvon probably felt threatened by the guy stalking him. Either way. Self defense my ass. Lock em up. Get rid of the stupid law.
Will S
And I still cant get over the fact that this 140lb teenager was beating this grown man so badly. Seems Zimmerman didn't put up much of a fight. Just went straight for the gun. Pussy.
awww poor +Bart Bols got "racially profiled" poor man. +Chad Hernandez ask any black parent you know and im 99%certain they have had EXTENSIVE talks about avoiding the cops because if your black you usually get the short end of the stick.I know it sounds trite but it holds pretty true. Now IF "A guy is on top of you beating your head against the ground... I'd consider that a threat." its because ZIMMERMAN was the threat! he stalked a teenager all over the area and lets be clear about this against the dispatchers orders so if there were blows its understandable because an adult was following around a CHILD. do you have children chad? how would you feel if a zimmerman type stalked them all over your neighborhood and then grabbed them? think they should fight back? or would you assume that "they were up to something" and deserved to get shot? anyone that can rationalize that "the law was followed" and sleep at night must be truly evil
i bet Brian Hunt is imagining Zimmerman with a toothbrush mustache and no matter what anyone says or any new info comes out about this, he wants Zimmerman to burn on the stake just because

additionally, anecdotal evidence is no evidence at all, this all makes you seem like you are just a pitchfork rioter that makes superficial assumptions the moment he sees something and from then on its ether satan or an angel, i really hope some new proof comes up like a videotape that clears Zimmerman with a blank slate just so you can fall face down in the mud of your own stubbornness and hypocrisy

no hard feelings, i just want you to become what to me would be a better person
Hispanics get racially profiled just like blacks or any other race. That's not the point. There were two people involved in the incident that night. One felt that something wasn't right and called the police. One felt something wasn't right and attacked the perceived threat INSTEAD of calling the police and avoiding that threat. Even Zimmerman if "stalking him all over the neighborhood" it was Treyvons response that was unreasonable. You can't just attack a person because they're following you whether you happen to be a minority or not... you call the police, like Zimmerman did.
Here is the proof you asked for that Ron Paul is getting more than 8000 supporters at events. This one packed more than estimated 10,000 people at UCLA last week: Ron Paul at UCLA 4/4/2012 Part 1
"Ron Paul is a breathe of fresh air from the facade of the two party system because most policies are the same between the two and DO NOT align with the views of the American people or the constitution. He is a true fiscal conservative and constitutionalist that wishes to end the unconstitutional Federal Reserve and return to a time where we can have peace through diplomacy, not preemptive unilateral military strikes. We should also protect our land and people, instead of spreading an empire around the world while leaving our borders wide open. His ideals to Restore America resonate with the American people that are waking up to the reality of the ever increasing military state presence in the United States, especially in light of the NDAA that allow the Military to police the streets of the USA and hold citizens indefinitely without a trial and similar legislation that take our liberties from us. I also agree with him that the Feds should not be fighting the war on drugs. The drug war costs billions of dollars and creates very violent criminal cartels whom violence is spreading into our country. End the Fed, Support our Troops by bringing them home, cut taxes and more importantly cut spending, and restore our founding document, the Constitution of the United States of America!" Preston Hicks
Will S
+Chad Hernandez There you go making assumptions that Trayvon was the one who initiated the confrontation. Stop making up your own facts. The facts are no one knows what really happened between the time he hung up and the time Trayvon was shot. We only have Zimmerman's word which isn't much.

The fact that Zimmerman was charged with 2nd degree murder and*
not manslaughter also says a lot. Prosecutors must have strong a strong case.
It does say a lot William, which was the point of my original post. It says a lot about the sad state of our justice system when even though as you say yourself, nobody knows exactly what happened that night the court of public opinion and activivists like Al Sharpton can basically convict a man of murder when the facts that we do have point to self defense. We have a neighborhood watch member calling the police because what he perceived to be a gang member looked to be up to no good. We have at least one witness that says Treyvon was on top of Zimmerman beating him. We know Treyvon didn't call the police if he indeed felt threatened by Zimmerman. And what does the media and others do with that info? They put out 5 yr old pictures of Treyvon instead of current ones. They put out a pieced together 911 tape making Zimmerman sound like a racist. They won't report on or show Zimmermans injuries from that night and show an outdated picture of him as well. Why? The black panthers put an illegal bounty on the man's head and nothing is done. Why? Why does all this take place, while at the same time a black man beats a white man savagely and strips him naked on video and the media is completely silent. No cries of outrage. No rallies. Nothing from Sharpton or anyone else. Yeah. This ALL says a lot.
Here we are zoomed in on one death. A boy dying sucks. All the people left behind who cared about him. Now ZOOM OUT and think about that times 10,000 or 100,000, i.e., war. We have been in endless war mode for so long! It's time to stop the war-mongering! Pre-emptive war is bullshit. It is not constitutional, either. Please wake up and listen to Ron Paul.
Will S
You keep saying the facts point to self defense when they don't lol. Which was my point. Unless you were there between the time Zimmerman hung up and the time he shot Trayvon, you are making accusations. Give me some fa

Getting beat up does NOT mean you were defending yourself. It means you got beat up. He could have started the confrontation. Burden of proof will be on Zimmerman to prove he didn't start it (Good luck).

Give me facts besides Zimmerman getting his ass kicked. Or witness saying he got his ass kicked. He'll need way more than that.

My opinion:
The injuries couldn't have been that bad if he didn't go directly to the hospital. Only first aid was used at the scene. So he felt the need to shoot the kid? His life clearly wasn't endangered if he has a cut on his head and "broken nose" (so they say). Trayvon was 6'3" and weighed 140lbs. No way in hell did Zimmerman (250lbs) even try to put up a fight against such a small, armless kid.

And honestly I don't care much about the rest of what you said. Totally different topic.
You are right, William: It is more than just a killing. It's being focused on to distract us from bigger issues. Open your eyes. Americans against Americans, race war, class war, ignoring the real war that we don't even need to be in. Killing people who have families and friends.
You're argument works both ways William. You say Zimmerman wasn't necessarily defending himself just because he was getting beat up. OK. This is true. It's also true then that just because Treyvon was being followed by Zimmerman he had no right to raise a hand to him in any way shape or form, which is what at least one witness says happened. Right?
And if by that logic Treyvon did raise a hand to Zimmerman simply because he was being followed by him when like Zimmerman he had a world of other options how can you say Zimmerman had no right to defend himself and Treyvon had no responsibility for his own actions?
Scotts right. This is not only a distraction from, but a symptom of a much larger problem with our society...
I think one if Zimmerman turned himself in he should sue the Black Panthers for the $10,000 because he brought himself in to custody. Two he is going to need the $10,000 to hire a grounds keeper for all of his grounds for appeal. It's a shame the media has ruined any chance for a fair trial. So even if Zimmerman is the first Hispanic grand dragon in the KKK and Martin was just a happy 12 year old pop Warner playing kid merrily skipping home after buying candy that NBC doctoring the 911 call and the rest of the media reporting what facts will help their ratings will make for an easy appeal.
Will S
You, nor I, know what happened. I'm not saying Trayvon DIDN'T attack Zimmerman first. But i'm certainly not saying Zimmerman was acting in self defense either.

The problem is, which you seem to not understand, is that we don't know what happened.

I'm sure all the evidence hasn't been released, but from the phone call alone, it seems Zimmerman was looking for trouble and stalking a young boy based on what? Him being black and wearing a hoodie? Maybe Zimmerman didn't like him b/c of his skittle ice tea combo he had?

And I wouldn't count on any witnesses, b/c none of the stories stack up with one another.

The entire case was reworked, and they charged him with 2nd Degree. Not manslaughter. Huge. They must have good evidence or reason to make that jump.
I never claimed to know what happened for sure. In fact that's been my point from the beginning. Zimmerman has been forced into hiding because of a media with an agenda, activists and people like you. I'll say it again. If you look at the coverage and think it was the 12 yr old child Zimmerman was dealing with that night it's hard to believe that anyone could find him a threat and Zimmerman was completely out of line for even giving him the time of day. If you see the current pictures of who Treyvon was it puts a different light on Zimmermans story, which is why I contend the media won't show those photos....
Also if you believe Zimmerman had no right to defend himself even from a physical attack, then it's pretty hypocritical of you to say that if Treyvon responded with violence because he was being followed that was Zimmermans fault and Treyvon had no responsibility in what ensued...
And as far as the reason for the charges... Again, I purpose it's more the court of public opinion driving these charges than the court of law
Will S
You are claiming to know. Because apparently, according to you, he was acting i self defense. That's you claiming to know what happened for sure. You are pretty much saying that Trayvon threw the first punch.

You're statement at 8:51am EST
"There were two people involved in the incident that night. One felt that something wasn't right and called the police. One felt something wasn't right and attacked the perceived threat INSTEAD of calling the police and avoiding that threat."

I dont think it was a 12 year old child. I don't care how he looks or how he was dressed. Although it seems Zimmerman cared cause black guys in hoodies are drug addicts.

Zimmerman has the right to defend himself. Didn't say that *he didnt. But looking for confrontation is NOT SELF DEFENSE. And we don't know that he did or didn't go looking.
You said 42 minutes ago "give me the facts besides Zimmerman getting his ass kicked or witnesses saying he got his ass kicked"
This is a fact. Witnesses claimed they saw Treyvon on top of Zimmerman. Pictures show injuries to the back of Zimmermans head. I'm not claiming to "know" anything but what is being reported. And what's been reported doesn't show enough either way, yet you certainly have shown that you believe Zimmerman is a murderer and others like you have him convicted already and worse. Bounties? Death threats? Spike giving out what he believed to be the man's address? Where's the public outcry on all this. I've asked the question over and over and have yet to receive a response. If as you say nobody knows for sure at this point what happened why is this allowed to go on? You seem very interested in justice. Where's YOUR outrage about all this? Or is it just justice for a certain group or groups that you're interested in? Because that's not true justice.
Does anyone else think it a kind of strange that this one case has drawn so much attention and it so happens it is in a key state for a Presidential election.
Not strange at all Michael. It fits the agenda perfectly.
Will S
Again +Chad Hernandez. You're only proving he lost in a fight. Not that it was self defense and started by Trayvon

And there are witnesses for both sides of the story. I wouldnt put a lot of faith in them.
+Michael Heuerman I don't think anyone else thinks its kind of strange or that it has anything at all to do with the elections. I mean c'mon really? Look it was so big for one main reason. An armed white hispanic male shot an unarmed black male. Then it got feuded into a racial thing. As far as media goes race issues sale second to sex on tv.
Right. And you're saying that being the case losing a fight is no reason to respond with violence. But being followed is? Unless YOU claim to know that Treyvon didn't respond that way and it was Zimmerman who threw the first punch. How do you know that? How can you know it wasn't self defense. You can't no more than I can know it was. The fact remains the public has all but crucified Zimmerman due to agenda based reporting on the story and that is apparently ok with you and reverend Al and anyone else who isn't defending Zimmermans right to be innocent til proven guilty.
+Chad Hernandez and +Michael Heuerman I'm glad you are awake. I recommend you stop feeding the sharks on the topic of Zimmerman. It has been decided, sadly, that he is guilty. Let's focus on the bigger picture before it is too late. Please urge +Philip DeFranco to look more into Ron Paul, the only honest candidate and the only one who will stop the endless wars. I know Phil believes in that but is worried about RP's chances of winning. We need to convince Philip that he can influence those chances! And even that RP is actually doing really well and climbing! How about 10,000+ showing up in UCLA a few days ago and then the next day 8,000+ (some say as much as 11,000 now) at Berkeley and then the Texas A&M auditorium was filled to capacity...
Ron Paul's foreign policy is the most safe for all of us. I hate how they keep labeling him "Isolationist" when it is sooo far from the truth! He merely wants to end MILITARY intervention and ramp up FRIENDLY TRADE.
Ron Paul will end the War on Drugs, which has cost us billions of dollars and who knows how many lives? The American prison system is the largest cartel in the world. How many Americans live in fear because of these draconian laws? We have the power to change drugs to be a health issue, not a criminal issue!
It's all connected April. This type of story and the way it is being used to further an agenda is huge. People have to be aware of the way the media is attempting to influence the public and keep this administration in power.
Will S
OMG. I said I DIDN'T know. Geez dude. I explicitly stated I didn't a few post back and never claimed I did. I explicitly stated what my opinion was.

And yes i'm ok with Zimmerman being crucified. Someone has to be in order for this silly law to be thrown away or amended.

My opinion, right now is that there's enough evidence to at least give him man slaughter based on the fact that this an affirmative defense and his actions don't clear him of that. Who knows what other evidence/reasoning/witnesses they have.
+Chad Hernandez I'm not sure if you were responding to me or someone else. +April Christie Bodner They haven't said he was guilty yet. They are taking it to court where they have all the evidence, more so than I, You, +Chad Hernandez , +Michael Heuerman have. All of our sources have been from the media so to trust that either one of us has more facts or even the correct facts than any other and can have the clear perspective on things is wrong to think, but that being said, Yes VOTE RON PAUL people!!!
+Chad Hernandez I can see why you would be worried about it forwarding an agenda. I haven't been able to read all of your comments but I'm assuming that you are for the stand your ground law. I am for it too. So as long as WE don't let people just roll in and take it away. My point still stands though that it got so big because it was made into a race issue and then other people saw it as a time to piggy back onto it against the stand your ground law. Its a good law when used appropriately and enforced by the police accordingly. IE when you have enough questionable evidence you should make an arrest.
I still want Herman Cain to be our next President.
So you admit that you don't know that the man is guilty, yet it's your opinion that what's happened to him is in the past weeks is OK, including the black panthers putting an illegal bounty on his head. Thanks for being honest anyway. You and people like you are a huge part of the problem in America. Hypocritical thinking like yours is why cases like this are used to push certain agendas. Just be aware. If we allow this to happen to one man, it will happen to another. You never know, it may even be you.
I like your show Phil, Good Times!!!
Yep, +Chad Hernandez it's almost comical how transparent it all is now. Like if you look at just who Goldman Sachs, for example, influences. Like yeah much of the main stream media and also, surprise surprise, contributions to both Obama & Romney. Oh and isn't it interesting that Goldman Sachs was directly paid $185 Billion during the bailouts by our loving Federal Reserve? I hope Americans get their heads out of their asses soon.
David. I agree with you on certain points but I don't believe it's just a race issue. If it was then the black man beating and stripping naked a white man caught on video would have made the news as well. It didn't. This is about a society that is willing to completely disregard the rule of law and the rights of citizens as long as it furthers an agenda any given group may agree with. The danger in allowing this to occur is far beyond what people who allow this to go on can imagine.
Sorry David. No, the post you referenced was directed towards William
+Chad Hernandez Oh ok, I was like "what?!" Anyways, I think it is fair for this to go to trial because of its questionable circumstances. I think it was Scarborough who called it from the get go and said that people are now going to use this as an excuse to overturn the stand your ground law. I don't think people should let it go any further past this case. I believe its a good law people have the right to protect themselves, but in the event where there may have been possible abuse of the law it needs to be investigated. Two examples of abuse: Man sees guy breaking into his car he chases after him for over a block and stabs him. They let him walk for that and claim self defense. Another man sees his neighbors house being broken into as he gloats on the phone with the 911 operator about how he's going out there to shoot them. The man himself was not in danger but you can hear him clearly on the tape say "Hey buddy gotta go get em" to the 911 operator and then say "Hello, you're dead" as he blasted the thieves with the shotgun. They let him walk to and claim self defense. Good example of the right use of the law is where a woman had her house broken into and she called 911 and was on the phone with them asking what she should do and the 911 operator said she can't tell her she can shoot but she has to do what she has to protect herself and when 1 of the men entered the room with a knife and it was just her and her baby she shot him. Thats how it should be done.
Of course, I believe every instance that involves a death should be thoroughly investigated. The point I've made here is the clear intent of the media and activists to mislead the public about what happened and the consequences of that for what until there's a guilty verdict is an innocent man as well as his family. We can't allow people to put out bounties on others whatever their race or agenda may be. The law is supposed to be blind in that respect. People like William or the reverend Al or members of Congress that close their eyes to this and even add to it are endangering society in general. Not to mention the fact that using tragedies like this because it furthers ones agenda and ignoring equally brutal injustices to go unnoticed because one has no use for it in promoting his agenda is about as low as anyone can get.
I think the individual who put out a bounty on him should also be arrested for conspiring to murder in which case it would go down as premeditated murder.
Yup. But the fact is that it was a whole organization. And in today's politically correct world this particular organization seems to be above the law. The media, the reverend Al Sharpton, Spike Lee, Congresswoman Federica Wilson even Obama have publicly passed judgment on Zimmerman and turned a blind eye to the fact that he's supposed to be innocent til proven guilty. These names and organizations clearly show a pattern.
C'mon now Obama did not pass judgement on George Zimmerman. I don't know what source you got that from or who misconstrued it along the way but please, PLEASE watch this video. It shows that Obama didn't even bring it up but that a reporter asked him. Yet news sources like msnbc and fox painted it out to be like he came out to make a special announcement specifically for Trayvon when it wasn't. Just watch the video and see that he did not pass any judgement.
Maybe he didn't pass a direct judgements, but in the precursor to his statement he seemed to say that his position the leader of the executive branch wouldn't allow him to do that. He was definitely sympathetic. If he had a son he'd look like Trayvon? Which one? The 12 yr old innocent or the grill wearing apparent gangster? And that would seem to me a perfect time to denounce the black panthers and call for some sort of action against them. Didn't see it. Neither did I see any sympathy for Zimmerman or his family or a call for an end to the death threats or a denouncing of what Spike Lee did or the rush to judgement of Congresswoman Wilson. Non action is in itself an action.
Its not that he isn't allowed to but that he knows he shouldn't. Are you saying he can't be sympathetic for a family who's son was shot. That video was also taken a while ago and I believe before the Black panther bounty went out and before Spike Lee went stupid on Twitter. Im also sure if asked about any of those incidents you mentioned he would then speak his mind about them. Other than that he's not obligated to come out and have a press conference for every incident that takes place in America, which I remind you again that he was asked that question at an event that had nothing to do with Trayvon or stand your ground. If you want those incidents to reach the national level I suggest you go to the way Trayvon's family did and then you could petition to have Obama talk about these things if that makes you feel better. I would sign those petitions to have the Black Panthers arrested.
And the misleading media coverage? Was that after the fact too? Of course he's not obligated to speak out. But this president routinely does, on things he feels strongly about. And of course he should feel sympathy... for ALL involved... But he shouldn't sympathize with one side or the other. And the original point was that the original list of names and organizations I referenced show a clear pattern and put the agenda into perspective. Omit Obamas name if you like. Point still stands.
Look me and you can both agree the the popular media always misleads. Im not arguing that at all. and yes the people you mentioned except for Obama are all doing no good by what they are spewing. Oh and about the Black Pnather petition i actually found one thats already started so I thought i should share it.

I've already signed it and I hope you would too, and share it with others.
Who is a Wednesday-type person? What kind of sorcery do they practice that has warped their minds?
1. cry about it PETA. 2. John Lovitz, way to stay classy.
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