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Hey Nation! Thursday's PDS just went live, so go check it out and learn you some!! CRAZY GAY STUPID!!
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Phil thank you, you have given my yet another reason not to touch chicken. Peace out I'm off to In-N-Out burger!
According to Black Nerd Comedy, the McDonald's southern chicken sandwich tastes almost exactly like chik-fil-a if you NEED the chicken without the guilt.
I for one didn't touch 'the bird' long before all this B.S. started. In  N Out is the makers of the perfect food(burger) and I am truly sad you on the East coast can't experience it for yourself.
Holy moley, the Chik-fil-a guy just said he supports traditional family structure, it ain't like he said right afterward "I hate gays they should all die" or anything close to that.
Wow.. that poor fencer.. and diver.. actually I just feel bad for most of the people in this episode Dx
We want tolerance for gays, so lets be intolerant to the religions that oppose it! Yea, thatll get us real far...
Yeah, the Olympic judges MAJORLY screwed up that fencing ruling.
Just curious.  Does +Philip DeFranco EVER interact on G+ outside of posting his videos and links?  

Just genuinely curious.
+Joel Zucker I've pretty much only ever seen him post his videos here. I believe he doesn't see the purpose of G+. Which is sad.
+Joel Zucker He's posted a couple things randomly. I don't think he actually uses it though unfortunately. A lot of people don't understand how to use G+.
If true, it is sad.  

At least here a comment doesn't get drowned in a torrent of inane commentary that "no one" could possibly bother to sift through both in the face of the shear quantity, nor the shear stupidity of content, that is the interactive community of YouTube.  

Please, anyone planning to misinterpret what I just said, I was referring to the comments on YouTube, not Phil's show.  Which I enjoy. So now go ahead and un-misinterpret. 
The Olympics turned me gay!
SPAIN BOOTIE! mmmmm  Go poop strong    Damn olympic are fucked
Mens volleyball and gymnastics team is always a good time.
Call Robin Powers. She wants an interview!
One of the best Phil. Keep up the great work!
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