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What up, Wednesday Type People?? New PDS just went live online, so go check it out! Love yo faces!! BEING FAT MAKES YOU STUPID??
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I'll comment here just make you feel like G+ cares about you PhillyD
Simply, unable to watch it all. AWEFUL!
G+ cares! I just like the way the video comes up on my stream, although I think G+ and youtube should be automatically linked (like comments on G+ get pushed to the youtube video and vice versa).
+Lamarr Wilson please watch from 4:07.. haha todays ssstop it FAT ..extra info response !!
Great video, Google plus still loves you. No matter how much you hurt us.
Diiiaabllooo Drools.....err anyways. Ohai. :3
Stale Twizzlers. Whenever I come into possession of them, my carb intake is upped an additional 30g a day, and unfortunately they're "empty carbs."
I might be fat, and consume too many sodas, but I'm still smart enough to watch the PDS. Besides, if I quit drinking the Mountain Dew, I stop doing the standing up thing, and the walking around thing, and the putting the words into sentences thing.
Hey here´s the guy that never engages.... just posts videos !!
cool ones, i admit.
1) Fuck Tomorrow

2) Your not fat, only Big Boned, and full of Love with every body clikedy clicking ya like button <3

3)my evil desire is Backon!!!! I am a very healthy eater, but got dammit I better have my Bacon!
Should it be illegal to eat a single food product bigger than your head in one sitting?
i guess the govt is now funding ppl to be stupid Yay
I cut soda out of my diet for 2 months recently, and I noticed no difference other than being queesy all the time. Have a Mountain Dew last night, felt like a million bucks.
Moral? Mind control man.
havent drank soda for a long time, been drinking water instead, makes me feel much better acutally feel like i have more energy
Phil you MUST celebrate the return of Toonami!!!!!
u should show this video to the ppl that do epicmealtime LOLZ
Alright PhillyD, first off, I think you rock; however Bullshit Sir! I eat pretty damn much anything I want, whenever I want, but I also go to the gym at least 3 times a week, stay active in life and rarely sit on my backside watching TV or playing video games for days on end. Fast food definitely contributes, but it's all about lifestyle for the majority of people.

Boycott your TV for a month. Sitting in front of your computer 'researching' sexy time news doesn't count...although your results rock.

Go to the damn gym.

Walk somewhere someday instead of driving!

Enjoy bacon, ice cream and Big macs....the end.
I stopped drinking soda 1.5 years ago and feel great, i'll never go back.
No wonder I feel so much better after cutting out non-fruit, non-homemade desserts.
I shall join you in your PLOT, however thanks to eating Paleo off and on for about a year, I only have about 10lbs to lose.
You sourcefed and kevin brueck are the three people I get my news from. So thanks
not only sweets, if you look at the ingredients of 70% of anything in the supermarket you'll find corn syrup on it. including "healthy" jelly, chips, ketchup, and even things u wouldn't even think of, like hot dogs..
u were blessed with fast metabolism lol
obviously its not only diet; genetics and lifestyle are also part of the equation.
My avoidance of sweets and soda finally pays off. That and my love of running.
We are here buddy. Dont forget bout us.
my doctor gave me the option of a medical marijuana card. I heard you have one is it something i should get.
my head hurt when i stopped drinking coke too but that was temporary, and i do crave for some carbonated beverages now and then. lucky for me, in my country in the stores there are two types of flavored mineral water that are healthier than coke and such and they do have a nice taste so when the cravings begin i usually drink them.
In america animals are fed growth hormones which encourage accelerated weight gain particularly on the hind - making the animal ready for slaughter quicker, ultimately making it cheaper to produce. While there are restrictions on these drugs inevitably there will be residue, which people are ingesting - likely there are side effects - I call this the american big bum. By contrast in the eu these hormones are highly illegal in meat production. Google search "angel dust"
1. How much is one soda in volume?
qotd: Chilli Cheese Tops- simply hot cheese, so nice
+Ciara Bergin so what you're saying is that animal growth hormone works on humans? Interesting. Disturbingly idiotic, but interesting.
Reese's piece, all the way! The easter egg Reese's piece is amazing !
vanilla icecream mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
+Alexandru Melichian not exactly. genetically speaking, animal and human hormones are similar but the receptor proteins in each species read specific nucleotide sequences...which are different in humans and animals. animal growth hormones CAN work in us but the nucleotide sequences that human receptor proteins recognize have to be spliced and inserted into the animal hormone in order for it to work in us....which i'm sure is already being done to us. crazy shit.
+Cesar Villanueva Jr. you sound so sure of yourself. However if you do a little research you will find that studies are limited and of little value, but what research there is (at cornell for example) shows that animal growth hormones in humans CAN increase cancer risk, early puberty (maybe) and that's about it. What you are saying is half sci-fi half pulled out of thin air (so as not to bring donkeys into the topic). Not to mention the fact that only traces can be found in foods made from animals treated with growth hormones, which is why saying that infinitesimal amounts work in humans for growth is asinine to say the least.
The cancer risk is what determined EU to ban growth hormones NOT sci-fi scenarios.
There is nothing sci-fi about it and no I didn't pull it out of thin air. If you re-read what I said, you'll see that I AFFIRMED that we get animal hormones in our diet. What I added was that it's not just a matter of simply ingesting animal hormones. Work has to be done to the hormones to modify them...right, because it's SO HARD to believe that a lot of the shit we humans consume is modified (blasphemy!).

I made a harmless comment and you get on your high horse? There's no need to be a dick about it.
+Cesar Villanueva Jr. so what you're saying it's not that I didn't understand what you said, it's that I can't read. Yeah, makes sense. Also some greedy asshole injecting hormones (not steriods mind you) into his cows is not trying to make as much money as he can, he's trying to make my ass grow. 'Cause Vader told him to. I'm from Europe btw so I guess he's trying to make your ass grow. Good job Skippy, you opened my eyes.
So you're saying the Government is trying to make us stupid?
In-N-Out's 4x4 is the tasty monkey that is firmly on my back. But that aside I still managed to drop 90 lbs last year, so I guess I lost Kate Moss last year.
Awesome ep Phil really interesting stories
Yeah! Phil reads these comments!
How can you shove things down other people's throats & not expect them to either a). become stuffed, sick &/or fat (obese) or b). barf it back up? People can't balance their desires rationally. Shame them for being obese or skinny, yet continue TO DO NOTHING to promote a healthy body image. There is NO short-cut! You do the work - you stay "fit". Get lazy, look for a short-cut & you change your body enough to have it work against you. Disease is caused by a negative projected self-image.
That guy looks like he really trained up to hit that burger. Despite its overwhelming size, it does look pretty tasty. If it can be shrunk down to standard size, I'll take one. Btw, I don't ever make comments on videos; however, due to you and a few other of my YouTube channel folk lighting the torches and grabbing the pitchforks, I figure that I will show my support for the Facebook alternative Google+. I for one favor it due to its underground appeal, circle segregation, and the fact that it is not blocked at work!
I wonder if we all went into out kitchens and read the labels and then put all our foods into three piles
1. contains high-fructose corn syrup
2. Does not
3. Can't find label

I'm pretty sure a majority of the stuff in my snack section has all of it
I found a computer and have been working my butt off I pay it off I'll t t you sometime.
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