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Happy humpday, Nation! Be one of the first to check out today's PDS SPRING BREAK GIRLS and BANE IS A SOCIALIST!!
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Phil, you are a scholar and a gentleman. 
Man i feel sry for those people in Syria but of course we not goin to get involved we've already started to many wars.
Seems like you don't get assholish comments on Google+ or hardly any...
It's scary how long it took me to realize that Philly D's face was shopped onto one of the Spring Break girls...
I'm not going to eat at BK any more, and I love the whopper.
I think that the UN should go ahead and create a no fly zone and simply let there be no interference.  Rebellions happen for a reason and while I would rather the world join forces and crush the dictatorships that have oppressed their people it is up to those peoples to seek the justice and freedom that they and all mankind deserve.
Why Philip, you never looked so sexy!
Well why to intervene now? the people asked for intervention before but the UN really did not care. So now that the UN saw that the rebels will soon win the war decided to intervene so they show the world that they are the reason why the Syrians won the war. So I think I'l say no, we don't need an intervention we can win this war with or without the UN
Phil with your face shopped on there.. you kind of look like Mickey Rourke.. Hilarious
Alan B
Scariest pic ever!
Honestly I think they should step in and create the no fly zone. The UN needs to assert itself more. In theory it should be about what the world wants. why be united otherwise?
I think that this simple idea should be present and pushed in the world today. Bc i am alive i am connected by that life to all other life. It is something that we all share no matter beleifs, political standings, or drawn boarders. We have all gotten in fights with our parents(gaurdians). We all know pain and we all know happiness. We are all bonded by that plain and simple. I just don't see why people need to be so bitter and so selfish. Its sad, very very sad.
The screen shot reminds me of the old Aphex Twin videos.
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