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Today's PDS just went live so go check it out, Nation! Hope you like!! WOULD YOU PUT THIS IN YOUR MOUTH??!
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uh looks like .......lets just sya nt my style of eating!!
Phil, where do you skydive? I'll be down in Perris, CA this weekend to shoot a skydiving commercial. You should come out!
I didn't know we had a reputation for disgustingly unhealthy food in Australia :( (I'm so glad we don't have that pizza here though... or at least glad I haven't seen a Pizza Hut ad in quite some time... otherwise I'd be tempted to find out of it tastes as terrible as it looks).
That pizza looks horrid :( i love pizza but i don't get the appeal of the grease falling off
google might endorse you if you lead people to comment on google+..........just a thought
I second what Andrew said. Gotta pep talk the Google+ crowd for posts especially after the talks about the Google Drive. As for what I use Dropbox for: Minecraft game settings sync, Truecrypt container sync, Portable apps sync, Linked software settings and data sync using symbolic links, and collaboration with teams/groups. A few software titles I sync are: 7zip, AutoIt, AngryIPScanner, BeyondCompare, Blat, Camstudio, CCleaner, Eclipse, Gimp, ImageMagic, Keepass, etc. If its portable and I use it daily I stuff it in Dropbox. Note that Dropbox max free size is 16GB once the maximum number of invites is fulfilled. Google drive I don't think has that expanding free plan, but the pricing for larger numbers is awesome!
Hey Phil,
longtime fan,
I noticed your errrmm "story" on the standardized testing and was shocked at the similarity between the story and another bunch of stories I read when I was much younger. These stories were a set of fables from inside another book, I forget what it was called but it was by an author named Daniel Pinkwater, who I held very dear as a younger child. The story seemed to be a combination of a couple of the fables, one including a race between a hare and an immobile object. Another about moose (not pineapple) not having pockets, the moral was: animals are stupid. Another about a fish that thought he was drowning, although I don't think any elements were taken from that particular fable.
I would not eat that crap. Still love Pizza Hut. You should do Pineapple comics lol!
How long did it take to edit together that pineapple story sequence? Seems like it would be a bit more annoying than the usual stuff, to me. Loved it though. Was hilarious x3
Oh I heard of the pizza on the radio. Now I get to see it. And no I would not eat it mainly because I don't like pizza hut. 
dont know if you U.S.A type people have it, but up here in the great white north have been selling cheeseburger pizza for some time now.
I'd totally eat it. I don't really have fears when it comes to eating.
Once you get pass the gagging reflex, all kinds of food possibilities open up.
i'd totally eat that pizzurger,
Maybe at 3 AM after last call. Can't belive it's not already on the Denny's late night menu.
I read that the story on the test was attributed to Daniel Pinkwater and he did an interview with a local radio station about it.

Basically he said he got a call one day and the lady asked if they could use an excerpt from a story and said it was for the children. They also didn't want to pay him for it either. But he managed to get $2000 from them.

The kicker is that he said the story used in the test is not his and that not a single word in the story on the test was written by him. His story featured an eggplant and the moral was that all the animals were dumb. Wish I could link the interview it was hilarious. 
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