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Hey Nation! Today's PDS just went up online, so go check it out and show it a little love. Its lonely :( OBAMACARE UPHELD AND WHAT IT MEANS FOR YOU
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From what know of Obama care, I like it.  I think what I like the most is fewer uninsured people and some of the health care costs going down.
+Ladson Lee It's great that people who can't afford it get health care; however, the more subsidized something becomes, the worse the core system being subsidized gets, typically becoming more costly with less quality: education subsidization being the best example of this.
Great show today +Philip DeFranco ! No technical difficulties on the road- yay! My order arrived today - it is a very good day. :-)
I agree with you C.S. Taylor, Jr. completely
All I know is that when you have health care you dont think about it but if you are one of those uninsured people then you are so thankful for President that did get this done. I just wish it could have been what he really wanted and the comprimise that we got but this is a heck of a lot better than what we ahve today.
It's an awesome thing. I really hate how republicans are going to describe it as just more tax increases. I guess that's politics though
Phil I have never bin big on our government taking an invasive interest in my personal life for any reason.So it goes without saying on just principal I'm not happy with this.Love your face right back bubba.
Love the "moving to Canada" comment LOL. It works great here BTW! 
Hey Phil. Just wanted to show you some love on the plus. Thanks for the show today :)
Yea!  More taxes.  Lovely.  [/sarcasm]
Are we the only species who does not recognized the benefits of shared burdens.  Male emperor penguins can survive months in the freezing cold because, as they said in "Happy Feet"- they each take their turn on the ice blast.   
sigh we need more G+ memebers.
Canada....The worst health care system on the planet. But Obamacare, I have mixed feelings about. I fell like some of it is leading us to Canada's health care system and some of it is really beneficial. Although my opinions probably shouldn't matter because I'm a 21 year old Software Engineer with a great company that supply's me great health care..although I don't even need it. I have no pre-existing conditions and I think I've only been to a doctor probably 4 or 5 times in my life.
+Kevin DeLorey How much of our healthcare have you actually used?  i'm a huge fan of it... you can't be turned down for care.  so the ppl who need it get it.  you don't see ppl from Canada medically imprisoned in the us but you do see Americans that are medically imprisoned here.  they can't afford healthcare back home so no hospital will take them but we won't let them go anywhere but a hospital because otherwise they'll die.  and you'd surprised how many there are.  last time i heard stats on it there were 25,000 stuck here
I like healthcare for everyone. But, im not sure about tax increases for the rich... After all it is a percentage and the rich pay would pay more than the poor even if it was a  a flat tax. Im not sure people understand that. So i say Have a Higher flat tax and have healthcare for all. That being said i sure would like a Xbox 360 :) and as always i thoroughly enjoyed the vid. 
I have mixed feelings about the taxes too. On the one hand a rich person at least theoretically earned their larger income and are entitled to keep as much of it as anyone else. On the other they certainly have more disposable income and not being able to buy a boat isn't really like the worst thing... For a poor family losing the same % of their income as a rich family might mean real crisis. Anymore even a middle class family (like mine) easily struggles without a tax hike. Gonna have to side w/lower income folks on this one. It's not fair but it's "right". Loved the show!
I don't live in the U.S but they are the only developed economy that doesn't have a healthcare plan and although ours might not be great at least people who need treatment can get it. So I think its great.    
I do not get the Canada health care bashing. As one who has lived in Canada all my life I have never ever had to worry about my health care. I can freely walk into ANY hospital and get cared for. NO worries no extra billing. My wallet only goes down if I need to get medication or a device to help me while I am not in hospital. My Doctor visits are free. When I want to have a child all prenatal check ups and delivery are free. Sure my taxes may be higher but I get what I pay for, including a healthier economy.
I just had a dream that Phil took pictures of me while I parkoured.
I for one will not miss our new Canadian neighbors
i agree +Trevis Brown  ... the only helth care worth complaining about in canada is Alberta. LOL
Good to hear that Americans finally do something for the poor. You're so cocky, but frankly, your country is a mess. No offence.
+Kevin Halvarsson Non-taken. You're stating the truth and personally as an American I agree with you.
Sure like a chance at that xbox since mines rrod . Anyways I have dreams like that too after viewing your sexy ladys of the nation. Btw was that steve in the background? I wasnt sure were to post comments for the video so I left one on youtube, shared it on my fb, liked it. Love watching your stuff and sourcefed also. 
Weird. I came into work this morning and Boy Meets World was on and that lead me to googling Topanga today too. 
Ken M.
I'm okay with Obamacare -- it is far from anything one could call "perfect" but it shakes things up in a way that gives everybody access to insurance.  If it can survive until 2014, it'll be darned tough to tell 30 million Americans that their health insurance is being "repealed."
I'm not sure if I'm ok with Obamacare...does it address the basic reasons of why health care is so expensive to begin with? Not the insurance part, but the price o tests and procedures and stuff like that. Though I do agree with the "quality of care" part. That should be one of the first things to change.
+Apple Guy My healthcare is given to me by my company, so I don't really have a choice. I've never used it, never needed to. I should rephrase my statement; Canada's health care is only bad because of the result of it.
I agree with Rabid. I'm not on the ok side of Obamacare because it doesn't address the reasons for expensive health care. My concern is that it benefits the insurance companies all the more, just like auto and homeowners insurance. Take a good look at what you pay for on those. You are forced to pay for personal liability at a government fixed cost, deducable at a government fixed cost which each year goes up even if you never file a claim. All Obama care will do is raise taxes and premiums so the politicians and insurance companies get richer and we Citizens get soso health care. Take away the requirement and allow the demand market to control the pricing, than it will decrease. Government control always leads to higher prices.
Our healthcare system has been broken for a very long time. It's the most expensive in the world. I will put it this way, In 2009 I was laid off from the aerospace industry. I had no insurance a month later. Obama passes that bill, my dad calls me and tells me he can put me back on his insurance until I'm 26 and right then I became an Obama fan. I will be 25 this year and when the possibility that this could go away became news I got very scared...... And now again I'm covered. I'm a fan. I work two jobs, about 70 hours a week, and I work just as hard as everyone else and it's bullshit that as much as I pay in taxes and everything else that I wouldn't get medical care. I would rather pay more taxes to make sure myself and the people in my community are covered. Medical cost is high because a lot of doctors are greedy.
The problem with Obamacare is it's agenda. The whole idea that a man in power is forcing us to get health insurance or pay a "tax" if we choose not to get it. The illusion of choice. But, I do like a lot if things about Obamacare. It's not terrible.
I agree that the health care system is broken, so is the banking system and just about every system in this country. But adding another tax and giving the government more control will not fix any of these. What will happen is what always happens, people who need the service the most will be lost in the system. I've been without health care myself because of the expense; I can't afford to pay $5,000 a year for medical, I can't afford to save for my retirement. I've had to take a cut in income because of the recession. Why should I pay for you to get coverage when I can't afford it for me? Is that fair? Do you honestly believe Obama that only the "rich" will pay? When has that ever happened? Obama is the rich, look at who donates to him - the elite of Hollywood.  He lied about the "penalty" being a tax, why?  Why hasn't he done what he promised with respect to the special interest groups, the banking industry? You need to research how our tax dollars are spent. You said it "'s bullshit that as much as I pay in taxes and everything else that I wouldn't get medical care."  The question is why do we need to pay more and more yet nothing changes? Because politicians are politicians, they do not have the skills to solve the problems, they campaign daily for votes by making promises they have no idea how to keep. In Oregon part of our state tax goes to a state health care program, yet daily I hear how people can't get assistance, people who truly qualify but the system is backlogged so for months to a year their paperwork can't be processed, got lost or the wait list for care is too long. Per the state it's not enough staff, not enough money. So what happens, state tax goes up and the result - nothing, still a wait list, still lost paperwork or not yet processed. Where did the increased taxes go - increased salaries and retirement for the state employees, not to improve the process for the people. Now the state has received millions more from the Federal government to research a new plan.

It isn't just doctors who are greedy, its drug companies, lawyers, a whole array of professions but the greediest is the politicians. We need to fix our government first, we need to force the Federal and State governments to account for how our tax dollars are spent, we need to hold the CEO, CFO and board members of corporate America accountable as well. Some of these people shoud be in jail not receive fat bonuses for failures and corruption. But they donate to the politicians campaigns so that won't happen. And when I say politicians I do mean both Demoncrats and Republicians.

I hope you continue to be one of the lucky ones, but I know all this will do is cost businesses and individuals more taxes, higher premiums and provide less and less benefits to those who truly need health care. Put in the hands of the demand market, which is us. That is how capitalism works, supply and demand control the prices. There are hospitals and doctors that if you pay in cash, you receive discounts, depending on what the medial need is you can save up to 50%. That is how some of us get around insurance, we, the demand market save the supplier the cost of processing paperwork and waiting for payment, in return we get a savings back.  
You are an Obama tool. Do you not see how the system will be flooded with people wanting medical care and there will not be enough medical practitioners or money to take care of all these people. The government setting doctor wages!?!? With there being an excess of patients, an increase in government and insurance control, and a lack of money, do you think the government is going to set those doctor wages higher or lower than they are now? And with all that extra work, will the incentive to be a doctor, to be a good doctor, increase or decrease? This will turn us into Venezuela and then Cuba. This is going to fuck America.
You know your Military is government-run and they've had free healthcare for years :) 
I was an Army brat. The medical care I got from Army doctors sucked badly.
I have to agree with young Mr Swain on that it's why I still walk with a limp.
Thanks, +Curt Hoptry! Sorry your experience with Army doctors has left you with a limp. Thanks for assuming I'm young, heh. I guess 44 is the new 34? :-)
+Scott Swain - sorry, too quick to believe what I read about it I suppose, but I can tell you that the NHS here in the UK, which, while far from perfect, is a very fair and worthwhile system. Nobody has to worry about getting the medical help they need 90% of the time. There are some newsworthy exceptions and some monumental cock-ups from time to time, but mostly it works for us. You may not trust your government to run it properly, but why trust private companies who demonstrably don't give two shits whether you people live or die? Support the tired, the poor, the huddled masses in a real way, in the spirit that once made your country great. Peace!
phillip....i know this is something crazy to say but i am currently serving here in tukey (united states air force) if there is any sort of information you need for your show please let me know and i can try and find anything out for you here in the front. thanks very much for your show....i watch you everyday that you come out with a show and i thank you very much for what you do...thank you for putting your word and the news out there for everyone...thank you very much.
Hey Philip can I ask what's your opinion on google+ and how you like it comparing facebook and twitter. Thanks love your shows!
philip good sir...i know auto emails are now the big thing...but im trying
to offer a front to what is happening via turkey/syria....i know these auto
emails are fabulous but im trying to give you something from someone who is
actually in turkey including video...i will also travel to where you feel
is best to get the shots...this is what i do.
@Scott Swain I was in the army and I agree completely. Terrible doctors where I was.
Hey +Barry Prendergast I really appreciate you putting your concerns out there. You want fairness. You want people who care to be in charge of redistribution of wealth. I hear you say: "You may not trust your government to run it properly, but why trust private companies who demonstrably don't give two shits whether you people live or die?" and that is what I get from it. I also think we share the same end goal; we both want fairness and a healthy populace. We would also both love it if we were paying into a system that guaranteed that people who need help can get it. 

I think we merely differ in method-to-get-there. I here you speak of governments and corporations. "Why trust private companies... [to care]?" you ask. Right now we "trust" government to care. I actually think that since government has no competition or "customers"; can't call em customers if it is forced paying for our products & services, right? But with corporations, at least (a) they can't force us to buy their product; and (b) customers can spread word to other customers if a product or service is substandard or a company otherwise seeks to take advantage of customers. And yay, especially nowadays with the Internet, word spreads super fast! Remember when those FoxConn factories (Apple parts, xbox parts) was brought to light and people rallied to get working conditions changed in those factories? And even the current boycott of Apple, for example; and (c) the vote (money) of their customers can bring companies down. Plus, companies have competition with other companies doing the same thing. 

What do you think about that?
How long can you go without insurance without having to pay the tax? I'm still under my parents' for a couple more years, but I'm curious.
+Scott Swain - I find it very hard to disagree with most of what you're saying, and you're right - we do both want the same thing, but it's the path there that we might disagree on - maybe not :) But what I do say is that I have some 'fairness' where I live. Or at least, I can put my trust in a system that is designed to protect me, keep me and my family alive. I'm ONLY talking about the health service. God knows the current conservative government would love to strip it down, sell it off, get rid of this massive expensive burden. And if they tried to take it away, like what happened here in the 80's, the people would turn on them so fast, because perfect or not, it works (more or less). It's expensive and inefficient, but it's not THAT expensive or inefficient that the alternative is better. No way! But that's our perspective, and I'm sure you'll find many people on my side of the water to disagree with me too :)

Society is a collectivism. We all benefit from the most basic of things like generally being happy. That's a mix of education, good health, good diet, low stress and a general sense of well being in my opinion. I'm sure we can both agree on that. And anything that takes away from that mix, erodes that happiness, is fundamentally a bad thing.

Also, it's a subtle element of your vocabulary, but you shouldn't be or think of yourself as a customer of the government, you are their client. To compare a company and a government like that is intrinsically wrong because they are intrinsically different by design. A company is geared from day one to provide goods and a service at a profit. That's it, despite their PR messages. A government is charged with the sustenance, development and protection of it's people and a government that doesn't do those things is a bad government and not for it's people or their best interests - how could it be? That function is never in a company's mandate, even with the best of intentions or the best of leadership. It's core is profit-driven. Perhaps over generalising but allow me that for now. Sure, the government must do things with money, and sometimes those differentiations do get muddled, sometimes to the point where you almost cannot tell them apart, but that does not mean that they are, or ever should be the same. America's European founders escaped a tyranny of taxes to create something new, something full of hope. I can't say if Obama is that hope, despite what his posters said, because you live there and I live here. And those companies do not create hope. They create profit. Maybe right now, your government isn't capable of being trust worthy, to be that caregiver it's supposed to be (and the same is true over here - I'm not taking any moral high ground here), but you and your countrymen should put your effort into MAKING them fulfill that role rather than falling back on the corporations and the money makers. There are other options! And on the Foxxconn point, we already have that collective bargaining and reasoning - it's called Democracy. Thanks for taking the time to answer me so reasonably when I was so flippant to begin :) 
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