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Philip Armstrong
A space to think about games.
A space to think about games.

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Where did you learn to role play?

For a long time I had no one to share role-playing with. It was. This was 1996 when I bought Vampire: The Dark Ages at the Guild. The guys who worked there only cared about Magic, and they were unhelpful. I liked Vampires, I loved Fantasy novels. It looked cool, but I had no idea what a Storytelling game was. I bought it and went home, the 45 minute ride from Plattsburgh to Lyon Mountain might as well have changed my life.

I learned how to play on AOL chat rooms, forums, and the White Wolf sponsored New Bremen game. I did not sit at a table with any one for at least two years. With out the very rare privilege of having reliable, if not slow dial up internet starting in 1996, I likely would not be writing this. I had a computer and access to infinite resources. Needless to say I was brought up in the often cut throat arena of one vs all chronicles, and the wild splendors B.J.Zanzibars World of Darkness Potpourri.

I really took for granted how special having that Computer was.

So I bought the D&D 5th edition starter set to run for family board game night. i like the system as presented. Nice and streamined,

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Idea, a a networked World of Darkness game with out a separation. Each location plays the game they want to play with a unified rules system and only three books, with mechanics, per genre.

Mechanics from outside those three sources are int he hands of the local ST only. Stories are based on the location with out massive end of the world event every few months. The focus is on the local stories.

If you have played Werewolf: The Forsaken, think about this question and answer it from your perspective.  Based on your personal beliefs and experiences, how would you rationalize the First Change?  Only use the flavor text on page 25 - 27 as reference material.

This is  going to be the place I talk about fun stuff that has nothing to do with negativity at all.  No politics, or anything related in any aspect of my life.  No angry rants, no getting defensive, just fun rpg stuff and ideas.

Snicker...  I know I am no where near as clever as I think I am.  But I really do love what I did on the Cam/Anarch list.  It is no where near has funny in reality, but I think it is a laugh riot.

[MES}  Having some self destructive fun at the expense of others on the Cam/Anarch list.  Every one thinks they are winning.  Except me, there is no winning, just lulz.

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Raphael's Twilight Familiar, Healthy Bear!

I am starting a Saga Edition Star Wars games next week.  Not looking for any more players at the moment but would love some advice on finding maps to use with Tabletop Forge
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