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Sofware engineer who loves Starcraft
Sofware engineer who loves Starcraft

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Wow... rain is freezing as it hits the ground.
Not that I have ton experience driving in many different weather condition but today was the worst.

Not just the roads but everything outside is so slippery coated with ice. It was hell of a drive coming back from the airport. Most dangerous going down the ramp of RD flamming bridge. I could only pass with help of two police officers pushing cars over ice.

Careful everyone in Pittsburgh.

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Camera, lens, and other for sale.

Used heavily, but in good care, for the past 7 years.
Body: Pentax k10d
Lens: Pentax 40mm limited
2 batteries and charger
2G SDHC memory card
body cap and lens cap

It has a lot of external wear but I've been taking nice photo until recent. I can send example shots on request.

KEH quote is $74 for body and $47 for lens in "Bargain" condition.
I'd be happy to part with everything at $100.
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Today was the final day of #WCS  Season 3 finals, top 16 players from WCS Korea, Europe, America gathered to crown the best of the best in #Starcraft2 . There were a lot of good games but I say semi-finals between Maru and Dear was the best.

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WCS America finals just started. Jaedong vs Polt.
This weekend was so exciting with all three region finals and now the final of the finals.
#sc2    #wcs  

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Not doing so well today :(

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WCS korea finals is on rebroadcast, started short time ago, second set right now!!
#sc2 #wcs

More thoughts on #Chromecast  

Youtube app casting is great from android devices, very limited from iphone, and even worse from That is, if you want more than "play this video right now".

Long version
Playing youtube video on TV is cool but often you want to leave the current stream playing and add your's to the "TV Queue". But to even get there you need to connect your device to chromecast without bothering the current stream. Guess what, it's only possible on android devices. iphone's youtube app and doesn't support it.

andoid youtube app
Open the youtube app. Don't have to go into a particular video just touch the cast button. Now for every video you have a choice to cast it right away or add to "TV Queue". Also you will see "TV Queue" in the left side menu once you're connected. Disconnecting works smoothly as well, just touch the cast button once more.
Connecting, disconnecting, and adding to queue all without interfering with the current stream. 

iphone youtube app
To connect your iphone to chromecast, you have to go to a video and touch the cast button. This will stop the current stream and play the new video. Once you get it connected, you can add videos to "TV Queue" by touching "share". Now, to disconnect go to a video and touch the cast button again. Unfortunately it stops the current stream while disconnecting.
Very incomplete connecting, disconnecting, and add to "TV queue" support.
This is the only option you have with you're chromebook, laptop, and desktop. There is simply no concept of connecting, disconnecting, and adding things to queue. All you can do is play video right now. Also no way to view the current queue. Only thing similar is that you can play a playlist from to stream videos in a row.

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I need this so much for my Chromecast. This is the only way I'll be able to appeal the usefulness to my wife.

Wow, what a experience with #DirecTV.
First, accused of having bad credit.
Second, accused of not being able to read.
Really hope I don't have to call these guys again.

Long version:
I got DirecTV installation today. Having back some TV after a couple of month of nothing on the screen was sure good, but nothing ever works smoothly in the first run.

As the technician was installing the DVR I noticed it wasn't the newer Genie device but one of the older HD-DVRs. Genie is suppose to be the more expensive and better one which was free as a promotion. I also noticed that my order was listing the older device as well. So, as the technician left I started calling DirecTV customer service.

First answer I got is that my credit standing isn't good enough to get a Genie device and I'll have to pay $99. Though I haven't had tons of time to build up credit score in U.S. I'm sure I have enough to get a DVR. The only answer customer service gave me is that there's nothing she can do and gave me a different number to call.

The second call, on top of the inconvenient situation, the mic quality (or maybe verizon was messing up) was so horrible that understanding each word was so painful. I had to talk with this guy accusing that I was misreading the ads, ending up have to read every single letter on the online advertisement (on DirecTV homepage) to prove that it wasn't me having the problem. Than I got transferred.

The third person, thankfully didn't ask me too much of anything and placed an appointment to get the new Genie DVR, though I still had to wait for three 5 minute breaks while looking up things and setting up things.

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What a pity I believed Comcast has actually done a good job transferring over internet service to my new address on the very day I moved.
After 6 days I suddenly got disconnected and nobody at customer service is authorized to activate my account. I was told that I'm caught in middle of the service transfer and there's nothing can be done until tomorrow.
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