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So one of the real plus points of G+ is the stripped back interface... But not on the iPhone app any longer. It feels like a Bing product now. -1

RIP Hillman Curtis. An early inspiration.

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Microsoft really don't understand standards do they.

After a decade of browser wars and non standards compliant approach to the web, MS have now turned their attention to QR codes.

Don't bother using those pesky codes that everyone else uses, and has apps on their smartphones to scan.

Oh no, we must invent a new, better type of code (that is almost the same) and force people to download a proprietary app to use it.

Way to go MS. Good to see you're keeping fighting the good fight. 

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Good write up from Sprout Social about the relevance of Google+

Love this, but then I love Coke. 

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Nice use of augmented reality in an app for Kendal College

And Analytics changes again.

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Simple breakdown of what to pay attention to for measuring Twitter. Thanks to +Brian Clifton for the link.
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