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If this makes you feel like visiting Iceland in a motorhome this summer (we don't recommend it in the middle of winter for obvious reasons!), is the place to book.
Notes from Iceland: I've been here about two weeks. What an amazing place. Ice caves (captured in a photo I took here a few days ago), Northern Lights over snow-capped mountains,, shockingly blue glacier chunks on black sand beaches, waterfalls everywhere you turn, quaint houses, hip cities (Reykjavik / Akureyri), and endless fields of snow -- so much snow I feel like I'm looking at Hoth from the Empire Strikes Back. I love this place. 

When I arrived in the airport, all the rental car offices were closed. I finally found a way to call the place I'd made a reservation with and they came and picked me up... They drove me out to this warehouse filled with strange mechanical devices, lumber and a small desk. The rental car employee apologized saying they were just getting up and running. I thought I'd entered some crazy outpost at the end of the world with no facilities... In fact, I soon learned that Iceland's main towns are as cosmopolitan and convenient as anyplace I've been. 

The weather has been insane. The day I arrived, 20 meters per second winds (we also experienced 30 mps, technically they call this a Hurricane) are knocking me around as I try to get in my car. Snow and rain is blowing everywhere. On the first night the road to the hotel I'd booked in Vik had been closed, so I drove to Reykjavik instead.. at first I'm terrified of driving in the snow and worried about snow tires and the chains they're also demanding you put on your car in America. Within a few days, I'm doing 80KM an hour during near blizzard conditions. You get used to it!

It's so different than anything I've experienced growing up in California, I'm in awe of this place. I'm truly smitten, and decided to stay through Christmas and New Years Eve. I never had any appreciation for snow or cold weather places, but with my (relatively) new love for photography, I find the opportunities here overwhelming. I've been happily shooting away each day (all 4 hours of them- the sun rises at 11 and sets at 3 during this time of year!) and on many nights when the skies are clear.

Strange Iceland Facts:

* I've had the best hamburger I've had in years at an N1 gas station. 
* Skalmold, "folk-metal" based on ancient Icelandic sagas is on sale everywhere like it's Miley Cyrus
* You can get your car unstuck from the snow with a children's toy shovel and a car mat
* You don't really need to take tours to see things, except the ice caves 
* Lots of guys are named "Thor" (even my ice cave guide pictured here was named Thor)
* You will see some of the biggest monster truck wheels you've ever seen in your life
* It's hard to find anything open in the rural towns after 6:00pm
* Hotel desks in rural areas are unstaffed at night (Eek! Car sleeping is no fun)
* The ring road is awesome, you can get to almost all the big sites by following this one road
* There is no entry fee for all the natural wonders, parks, etc. 
* People seem helpful and not trying to rip you off 

I have not learned a word of Icelandic, or I'd say Farewell, thank you in Icelandic. Everyone speaks English... So Farewell for now,  thank you :) 
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Thinking of taking a RV Road Trip to the Grand Canyon? Check out our Las Vegas itinerary for suggestions of things to see along the way.
Las Vegas RV Rental
Las Vegas RV Rental
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A new generation of camper rental

Hello and welcome to Motorhome Republic, the experts in worldwide motorhome rental. Spanning the globe across 28 countries, our extensive network of locations and suppliers provides a comprehensive source of fantastic camper deals, a multi-lingual customer service team that’s always on call, and special offers that no other site can compete with. Our outstanding pool of knowledge allows us to create holidays of a lifetime and memories that will last forever.
Taking a road trip in a campervan hire is an amazing experience, as you hit the highways and byways in your own portable hotel. And while there are many choices and options available, Motorhome Republic makes the whole process incredibly easy. How do we do this…?

When Motorhome Republic was launched in New Zealand 2005, its sole aim was to deliver the best deals on motorhome/RV/campervan rentals. Focusing primarily on comparing all the best international and local camper rental brands, while always providing exceptional customer service, the company soon began to expand. Today, we offer more than 450 depots within our network around the world. Whether you’re planning on stepping out to a sun-drenched beach in Gisborne, sipping a gorgeous red in the Hunter Valley, parking up close to the Vegas strip or perhaps ticking a major music or sports festival off your bucket list, we are here to deliver all the campervan options at the click of a button.

We compare camper brands, so you don’t have to… 

More people are taking campervan rental holidays than ever before. Road trips in New Zealand, Australia, the USA, Canada and Europe are really taking off, so naturally there’s been an increase in motorhome rental companies and vehicle standards. From a basic 2-berth to a luxury Class C RV, there’s a full range of vehicles on the market. 
What we offer is so much more than a motorhome rental website. Once you’ve entered the itinerary details for your trip, we take you into our network of vehicles, where no detail is too small. We can filter your selection by beds, or perhaps cost is the most important aspect – input your specific budget requirements. Check out the features of the motorhome and even customer ratings, so you can judge for yourself. We are all about quality control. 
No matter what size or shape of camper you want, you will get superb rates from the very top international brands, including Kea, Lucky Rentals, Canadream, Cruise America, Apollo, Britz and Mighty, plus many more. Or perhaps a local company will have a better deal – again, the choice is up to you. Filter your selection by beds, price, features, vehicle age and customer rating. Whether you’re travelling as a family, a couple or a group, we have a massive self-drive motorhome fleet.

Why Motorhome Republic is the only rental option
There are no booking fees
We offer a lowest price guarantee
More than 90,000 customers have already booked with us
Our customer service team operates seven days a week
Free amendments on most rentals
Whether you’re looking for a 2-berth camper, 4-berth, 6-berth, Class A, Class C… we won’t be beaten on international and local brands.

The last word in campervan holidays

Fully established as a key player in the camper rental business for nearly a decade, our motorhomes are modern, reliable and comfortable. Perhaps you would be interested in extras such as bike racks, a DVD player, GPS or even portable Wi-Fi? Well, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver exactly what you require. 
For the best campervan deals around the world, choose Motorhome Republic and hit the road. We’re waiting for your call!
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