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A follow up to yesterdays post on the inevitability, or not, of Facebook and what might come next.
Would you have your electronic bills delivered by Facebook or Twitter? Not likely. You bank won't trust them and neither will you. You need a channel that is designed for banking with the right securi...
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Would Google+ count as single-channel or multiple-channel? The relationships are asymmetrical, and you only receive "messages" from people you follow. It's almost a "casual RSS" model. How would the Google+ model fit in the communication matrix?
I would put google plus in the sandbox is facebook. It might do a better job but it is still fundamentally the same thing.
I agree with Sam. FB, G+, and Twitter are all multiple channel and centralized. We could, of course differentiate them in other ways (FB symmetrical, other 2 aren't, for example), but not in this chart.

I'm probably focusing too much on FB, but they're top of mind right now for some reason. I don't want this to seem like I'm picking on FB, rather the model. FB just happens to be the biggest example of that model.
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