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Google+ tip: If you are adding people to your circles and do not have any information in your profile (especially your occupation) then you are not likely to be added back.

I'm sure there are a lot of you out there that I would like to know better, but if you don't tell me anything about you then I won't circle you back.
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I have alot of info in my profile, except my occupation. I don't want that put out there even though i only share info with folks I have circled. I don't do anything interesting per se....just don't want it public.
Fair enough +Daniel Wilson but even just an industry, interest, or otherwise so I can see we have some relevant connection. I am trying to avoid what I initially had on Twitter with reciprocal following back just because you added me.
Or, just get on someone else's (popular) shared circle and people will add you like you're going out of style. I get like ten random people every day. I wonder how many people immediately drop me again out of boredom, LOL!
When I get a message that someone has added me to their circle, the first thing I do is go to their profile to see who they are. If there's little or nothing there, I don't add them back.
Like +Daniel Wilson I don't mention work on social networks, but something I find useful and include on my own is a suggestion of what circles you might belong in. Gives an idea of what you'll be likely to post about and if someone has, say, an 'android' circle it may make them more likely to put you in it if that's suggested on your profile.
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