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Phil Wagner hung out with 7 people.Eileen Kahn, San Diego FIRST Robotics, Alexander Kern, Alexander Kern, Alec Kerins, Richard Sisk, and Pete Marabeas
Building Tomorrow's Innovators and Leaders with Robotics
Phil Wagner and 7 others participated
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First time hearing about robotics
I've been teaching robotics at a community college for several years and also do lots of outreach with K12 - things like Expanding Your Horizons, middle school workshops, and teacher professional development. Fun stuff! I live up the hill from the guy in Riverside :)
I teach Robotics using Lego NXT kits at a K-8 in the SF Bay Area where I (mostly) serve as the Technology Director... Made it to the end of the day, and saw "robotics" in one of the last sessions, so I jumped in. We don't do team competition.
Mentor and FIRST San Diego Regional volunteer here!
Team 1515 member here! I tweeted this stream to our team's twitter (900+ followers :D).
Team mentor for FRC812 and 3476. Hi Dave, Rick, and Eileen :)
Mentor for +FRC2489, NorCal FLL/FTC Partner
1st year mentor: FIRST Team 3176. Brownsburg, IN
Title I Schools can leverage money, ours is doing it for the After School Program
What have been your major sources of funding?
Blogger/Teacher interested in new methods for online education
Advice on supporting a team advisor who is spread too thin but not ready to turn over significant control to mentors?
Well said Eileen! You are truly an inspiration!
My son was early-admitted to Purdue Engineering, which I very much credit to his FIRST Robotics experience.
How do rural kids get access to the same level of exposure to these opportunities?
If you have questions please post them.
One area of concern that I have heard from our rural community is not being able to field a large FRC team. +Phil Wagner or others might comment on average team size for FRC versus FTC
Coach Norm from FRC 2468 here in Austin, Texas. Great to see some names on here I recognize
Richard, I Appreciate FIRST and the fact that mentors and teams are willing to share as we are here.
We are very happy to have it. It only took us four months to realize it. We keep saying 24 68 instead of 2 - 4 - 6 - 8.
Wonderful conference. Sponsoring an engineering student and one future engineering student as a father.

Connecting tomorrow's innovators to a remote educator I admire: Meet Monica Anderson and slow down for some edge insights
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These Hangouts need to happen more often! Thanks for doing this.
Thank you all for coming. Please let us know if we can help you in anyway. Continue to leave your stories, comments, and questions if you have them.

+Cole Hackbarth I couldn't agree more. The sessions today were so great and I had a ton of fun. The potential for this to help educators share best practices with each other is just amazing!
If anyone is interested in getting more information regarding a FIRST Lego League Team going, feel free to Google+ me. Our school has been involved in FLL since 1999 and I've been coaching the team for the past 8 years. It's a ton of fun, personally rewarding, and highly educational. Although teams are limited to 10 students, our school has a robotics club that has 30+ students that are involved throughout the school year.
What if we could improve value for educators by saving them some of the time watching? One way is transcription, that enables text find. Another way I wish to see would be tagging the timeline to crowdsource a heatmap that serves to highlight the juicy bits for video "speed-reading". I modeled a primitive way from an early educator's virtual conference with +monika hardy , +James Folkestad and Adam @pushingupward
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