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I wonder how they would do in an ethics class.
+Marc Hertogh you did hear about the widespread cheating in the "Intro to Congress" course right :)
Looks appropriate for that Harvard gov't class!
How would the customer know that these guys are not cheating themselves? Or blackmailing?
Thanks for posting this. Just shared this with an ICT class... good item to raise as part of digital ethics!
I had not heard of the intro to Congress class until this post, sad really.
I know who I'll be hiring to take my Ethics classes should I ever need them.
When I first saw this, I was hoping it was like buying Facebook friends. I need a few more kids in my AP CS course. If I could just bribe potential students...
The faculty are asking my input on this. If you do a little research the people behind the website are taking the $80 bucks and running though. The student who gave them money said he was going to "contact the fbi". How funny!
Quite an article Phil! Thanks for posting it.
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