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Internet Marketing RANT!

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Questions? Comments? Leave them below...

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My first livestream.. Rapid Profit Ninja Review and some comments on this fantastic documentary called Man vs. Snake.

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Interview w/ YouTube Ads fella

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YOUTUBE ADS! and a little, Name That Tune...

Man I put together the biggest bonus package of all time.. haha not really but it is the biggest I've ever made myself.

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Landing page training #2 (skip to 19:31) - real world, simple lander we created for my local client's adwords campaign. Actually he's my friend and I didn't get paid, I only offered to do it free so I can share with my people here on the innernet. So there. We used Instabuilder to build this. I gave direction to our awesome web guy in the Philippines and he did a great job!

Sure, it can be improved and it should be split tested, but it's converting just fine.

There is also the final review for Social CPA Academy here. You can skip to 19:31 if you're not interested in that.

Maybe I'm the only person that scored this below and 8 or 9. But, I hate fake reviews just to get affiliate commissions. There's no way every single product out there is amazing. But this IS a great product with some gold nuggets. So it's worth it. I just created a bonuses package to make sure it matches the claim that it's newbie-friendly.

Catch you on the flip side

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#1 way to start your landing pages + Preview for Social CPA Academy Training starts at @ 12:40 in the video after the product review/preview.

Great product, useful info.. this guy has built a very large CPA only business. I don't recommend that. It's best to create your own product at some point. But hey, to each their own.

This course is supposedly "newbie-friendly" but I disagree, so created some bonuses to "fill in the gaps".

Well, to be fair, it's newbie-friendly (somewhat) if you have budget to pay others to help you. So there's that distinction.

Anyways, check my final review at

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Love me some Laura Betterly. You inspired me to do my first Periscope today :D

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Project Supremacy is taking SEO to the next level!
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