The Use of Narrative Positioning in Indie and OSR Games

Next week we are going to have +Jason Hobbs on the show, and we are going to get into the topic of Narrative Positioning and look at it from Indie games and OSR games, and how it works in each type of game.

Here is my working (could be refined later) definition of Narrative Positioning:
When a player describes the actions of their characters in a way to convey specific action, location, and/or intent. Often with the goal of a specific outcome (action or bonus)

Quick example:
No Narrative Positioning - I search the room.
With Narrative Positioning - I am going to search the room, by feeling along the walls for any air that may be passing through the edges of a secret passage.

So my question for you. In the games you play/run what is the effect of Narrative Positioning (if any). Make sure you name the game, and how you adjudicate that positioning.

Have at it...
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