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Caught +Felicia Day in a recent episode of Syfy's "Eureka" via Hulu. It was a crazy episode, and she was great of course.

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Curious if anyone out there is using a Mac mini with Lion Server in a corporate environment (i.e. with Windows clients), and if so in what capacity? What sort of tasks is one of these best suited for?

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Here's a link to the demo video for the iPad app from Tonara which Scoble was talking about earlier. Very very cool.

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iPhone, meet Google+

Share just the right stuff, with just the right circles :-)

This app should be rolling out over the next few hours. Try getting it here:

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Really looking forward to this movie, a lot.

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The reactions to the Murdoch attack are interesting, everything from genuine alarm to utter indifference (or is that just British decorum?). Conspiracy theorists are already suggesting Murdoch arranged for his own "creaming," I wonder if theorists will also have fun interpreting the varied reactions of people in the room.
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If I were head of a rock band, I would so be after Ryan Lake to do my album covers.

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