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If only these were included on the written rules. And in many languages:

The swimming pool is not a bath. The showers are there so you can shower before you get in (and after optionally).

The swimming pool is not for you to rinse off your sun cream. (See above).

The jacuzzi is not a kids swimming pool (or a bath, see above).

When a signs says NO CAMERAS that includes taking pictures of other peoples's kids and wives with your mobile phones (pervs).

The centre of the pool is not really intended for standing and chatting, it is for people who want to actually swim, (the clue is in the name "swimming" pool).

Thank you and goodnight.

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Article in East Leeds Magazine out this month. :-)

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Horn melody - w/ Orchestration

Why do so many artists watermark their beautiful works with such cheesy and horrible fonts?

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I don't often do this but...

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