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Giving serious thought to applying the +Android Central "FIRST!" filter to "Doesn't work on ART" comments as well.
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Some sage advice from one my editors on comment moderating: "If you're thinking about banning it, just do it."
Don't forget to include. Second , third and the common miss spellings of first. 
Rob W
I think there's an odd parity between ART whiners and synthetic benchmark complainers
J Agnew
Can you just go ahead and apply that filter to the Internet? 
What is wrong with someone stating an app doesn't currently support ART? It simply let's others know who use ART on their device that it won't work yet. Sure people take it too far some times and bash the hell out of an app for it, but not everyone does that. I'd like to know if it would work or not since I happily use the ART runtime. 
Rob W
+Ryan Virgilio because ART is EXPERIMENTAL. Google needs to lock developer mode more securely, perhaps you have to be able to do some adb commands to unlock it. That would flush out a lot of riffraff
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