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Kid No.1 talked me into that Elf on the Shelf thing, and then talked me into registering its name for a special message from Santa.

Santa replied with my e-mail address and password in plain text in the body.

Thanks, Santa.
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Wow, epic fail on their part.  Have you notified their webmaster?
Mine are pestering me too. Guess I'm going to have to get one...
We have one and the kids love it. We move it each night and they hunt for it every morning. 
+Brian Vaughn ours too. I'm amazed - you would think at some point they'd be creeped out by an elf moving around the house while they're sleeping. 
My nieces love it and one of them is 10 yrs old. When I'm at the house they remind me not to touch "Theresa" or she'll never return 
Enjoy the curse that is elf on the shelf. 
Thx for heads up. Was just about to get one. Will wait for you to decapitate management +Phil Nickinson 
I was smart enough to resist last week 
We have one as well, her name is Sparkles?? Anyway, the kids love it, errr, her.
If my three boys name ours "Sparkle" I am going to have to have a talk with them.....
+Adam Bigge they could just be Twilight fans....oh, wait, that would still mean a talk with them....
Yeah.  I know grown women who think Twilight is sooo romantic.  Then I point out that it is a movie about a 100+ year old man who hangs out at a high school and marries a teenager.  Creepy.
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