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true podcaster, no picture of the bedroom
Hey Phil, I am not sure of your sound tech nerdistry, but normally (in recording studio situations, not sure about the particular model you have) the diaphragm is on the side, not the top. And the rear diapragm is used to cancel out sound. What it picks up in the back, it councels it out from the front to isolate intended input and reduce background noise. Anyhow, I say all that to say, if the main diaphram is actually on the side, you are doing your voice a disservice. I see that some people are complaining about the audio quality of your voice on the podcasts, and I think that might be the culprit.
ElectroVoice RE20 (I think...if not, it's a similar model. The angle makes it hard to say for sure). Great mic. I've found in studio situations when miking vocals, it's often a great choice when someone doesn't sound their best using a more expensive Neumann or AKG condenser. #audioengineernerd  
It's the RE20, all right. One of the best microphones for voice work for the price.

+Matt Grimm The diaphragm is on the top. Check out some youtube reviews of the RE20 to see it in action. The angle of acceptance is quite narrow so it's not hard to get wrong and know you did.
No way that's an re20. they don't have led lights on them and run phantom power. (assuming phantom power as indicated by the light). Has the wrong taper and its not a textured flat grey paint. I have used an re20 and it is quite possible that the diaphragm is facing the top. But its worth investigating. Also the re20 is a dynamic mic
Damn, you're right. It's actually the RØDE Podcaster. I was surprised at how similar they looked, but the number and direction of the grooves on the body made me have a second look.

The diaphragm, though, is still on the top and its performance is eerily similar to the RE20, although some say it's a bit overpriced for what it is. The fact it's a USB mic and acts as a USB playback device, so you can monitor yourself on a hardware level and also have headphones plugged straight into it while podcasting even in a skype call, is a major advantage over the XLR-only RE20, which requires all sorts of other hardware to be used properly and to its full potential.

Good call.
Then it's simply an eq issue then. Lol
What phone camera did u use for that pic? Looks great.

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