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Dear Phil:

Why don't manufacturers do drop tests? That would help them figure out that their phones will break when dropped. Obviously all those scientific tests with machines and precision aren't getting it done. But if they did drop tests like those people on YouTube, they'd have a more realistic picture of what happens.


Dear Timmy:

Thanks for the question. Please put down your phone and never pick it up ever again.
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If you are in the habit of dropping a phone you paid hundreds for, you either need to buy cheaper phones or pick up a old school Nextel phone.
I think people are stressing the durability of phones now, rather that the functionality of devices are you going to war, or just work and Starbucks? Find a good case and a good screen protector and call it a day.. 
Plus, I don't know any person with good sense that accidentally drops a phone in a blender. Sorry, I don't think "blender durability" weighs in when I buy a phone.
It really pisses me off when I buy something without knowing if I drop it, what will happen.   Will it bounce, break, skid across the floor into the wall, shatter into a jillion pieces?  There should be a drop test law! 
I know how bad I am on phones so otterbox and zagg.. so fat I have dropped my phone on my hardwood floor 10 times and its all good..
if you're afraid of your phone breaking when dropped, stop buying apple devices.
The manufacturer could set up a crash test room like car manufacturers.  Maybe an air cannon that could launch the phones at 100mph against a brick wall.  While this wouldn't exactly serve any scientific purpose, it would be fun to see on a tour or if your lucky fire the cannon.  
I do think Phil is more upset at the stupid question rather than the present day durability of phones. Of course manufacturers do rub, bump, and wear and tear testing. The ANSI bible is something they take seriously. 
Its kinda liked the whole nextel being the most durable phone ever all over again
Military Specification 810G certified! Whatever that meant. It meant most NEXTEL phones were tanks. Any my Dad rocks the Kyocera DuraPlus, the 3G replacement of NEXTEL. The thing is a melee weapon.
+Nicholas Reveyoso i broke its main board, idk how, but was related to the charger according to the support, tho it still rocking! its like you shoot a zombie, if you dont do it in the head, it wont die. lmao.
Eric S
People actually drop their phones??!!
I broke 2 nextel phones and "lost" a third.  i700's all of them.  One took a dive off the back of a truck on the interstate.  Another got......"squished" by a Komatsu excavator.  The third one isn't really lost but it is inaccessible.  It is buried under a section of highway near Vincennes, IN.  I loved my yellow/black nextel brick!!
damn, wtf were you doing with the phones +Adam Bigge , testing how much damage would take after hitting the ground? lol
Omg I miss my i730 that phone I actually remember accidentally mowing over it, it flung into the side of my house an took out the siding and still worked... what happened motorola? 
Back when nextel came out that's how they used to demo the phones at the mall kiosk you would walk by and this rep would throw and bounce the phone off the floor or wall I remember them even dropping them from the second floor on to the ground all this in the mall with people walking around
Maybe Dr.'s should adopt this for newborns to see how resistant to falls they will be. :)
Drop tests are pointless, I've dropped my desire hd and galaxy note more times than is healthy without breaking either, but I know full well that I could drop a new phone once and it'd be bye bye screen. Everyone should just work under the assumption that if you drop a phone, it will break, if it doesn't, count yourself lucky.
A: Because they have better things to do than test things they already know the outcome of. You're welcome, Timmy. :P +Phil Nickinson  I think the writer really just wants to see legit reporting sites do drop tests, like the vidiots on YouTube. Yeah, that'll be the day. Get right on that, will ya. kthxbye..... ,:\ 
Some designers choose materials badly. Glass is reasonable for a screen but idiotic for the back, yet both Apple and LG have used it for that. A saner drop test could stop all that but they seldom listen.
Maybe a drop test into a toilet. That would be more real world. Probably happens at greater frequency.
for each phone stold, there are 8 phones drowned in the toilet, according to a reseach done in may.
I've actually seen reviews that include torture tests and I just shake my head....who the hell is gonna intentionally damage their 
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