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I have an irrational need to update things.
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Bill C
Worse - deep down you know there really is an update, trying desperately to reach you, satisfy you...

But no. Something interferes. And there's nothing you can do except--

Keep checking.
I can't NOT click Details when it notifies me of an update.
I'm so happy to learn there are others like me out there. Here I was, thinking I was the only one irrationally and compulsively updating stuff.

A surprisingly effective solution for me was using desktop Linux. Through that experience I discovered a limit for my appetite to constantly update and tweak stuff. No disrespect to Linux or its fans, though.

Ooohh! An app update notification from Google Play! Gotta go see what that is... 
I think it's an OCD thing for me.  I have my OG Droid updated to Jelly Bean and I don't even use it.  My fiancée won't let me touch her Macbook Pro or iphone to update them to the latest software.  :-D
Mine always says update something...damn thing
Glad I'm not the only one.
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