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Forgot I had this. A pretty bad #photosphere  from #pns  
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Wow that one is jacked up
Operator error. I remember sucking at that one.
Yeah, any tips for doing these in public without looking stupid, or getting dizzy?
And +Kent Glisson just found the reason this one turned out so poorly. I was trying to be cool about it. :p
I know that feel.  I took several over the weekend.  There is no way to look cool doing it.
The whole trick is to keep the camera stationary while moving your body/rest of your device around it...and its harder than it sounds
So any word if g+ mobile app will be able to view photosphere photos ? Can't imagine its not in wlthe works but just kinda sucks having to download the image to see it 
I have not tryed to many but the ones that came out good where in smaller spaces 
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