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Or Google is loosing lots of money
That's nuts that its considered a deal. I really want one but unfortunately I'm on Sprint. I have another 1.5 years so I guess I'll be waiting for the Nexus 6...
The strange thing is: here in spain, a major mobile seller (the phone house) announced the Nexus 4 at 600€ before Google's release (the Google's price was already official and stated in the Play Store).
Lots of people complained to that seller, and they made an announcement retiring the N4 preorders and stating they won't sell it because LG prices wouldn't allow any benefit margin and/or compete against Google prices...
Ya exactly people should just wait! 
Yap, just be patient and wait, I'm waiting patiently until Google sort this mess up and then I will order it! 
Does anyone know when is it going to be avaliable at play store?
Jody B
499 is what you'd pay at T-mobile for one off contract or on a a new/upgrade on the Value plan. 
and by the time that site would actually ship it, it will probably be back in stock.
+Phil Nickinson do you know of any good twitter apps that support push notifications? Just got my Nexus 4 so I need a good twitter app.
Not everyone can purchase from the play store, unfortunately 
Allen A
+Will Walker Plume is one of my favourite Twitter clients

I'm just going to wait on the Play store to fulfill my backorder :-/
not really a Daily steal!
+Allen Alpha I've used plume before, but it doesn't support push notification. But it was my favorite android twitter app. But I want getting notifications on time.
+Will Walker i use the regular twitter client just for notifications. it works great for that. and then whatever client you like reading with.
This is a true Steal.  Just wait a month and save 150 bucks.  
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