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Bad-ass. This is gonna mean a lot down here.
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+Phil Nickinson Enlighten the ignorant, what exactly will be the ramifications of this? The article is pretty vague
+James E. Nichols But that's my point. What are "Damages" for destroying an entire ecosystem? Not to mention lives.
Billions of dollars. In the grand scheme, pocket money for an oil giant.
That's what I figured, I was just hoping that criminal misconduct would result in something more.. substantial. Or something like, "Shit, I shouldn't do this again." Guess I was wrong.
This is more of an emotional win then anything else. While the consequences are fairly limited for BP (unless I'm missing something) the net result is likely to be far bigger than the monetary aspect.
Tim Box
I spoke to a few people in the oil safety industry. They obviously looked very closely into the whole affair. 
There conclusion was that since BP only had 1 member of staff on the  oil well and contracted every thing out. So its like blaming the taxi passenger for a pile up because he asked to go to the airport.
+Tim Box , not so sure about the taxi analogy? The rig was owned & operated by BP. Even if there wasn't a single BP employee on the rig, it's still their responsibility & obligation to staff the operation with competent operators. Hopefully the outcome of all this will translate into safer & more responsible operation of similar rigs. 
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