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Considering nobody was going to buy the Nexus 4 because the hardware is from LG, it sure sold out quick, eh?

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It's not that it's made by LG, reason for it being able to sell so well is that it's a Nexus.......
any news on how many units were sold during the first wave?
I want to see the official sales numbers posted to see really how many there were available.
Selling out means nothing if they only have 1000 phones to sell.
No no, many people rejected the idea just based of LG building the phone. Much ado about nothing. 
LTE is REALLY important to everyone didn't you know? 
"The benchmarks suck! The screen has glue discoloration! Battery life is terrible! I just ordered one."-The XDA forums
+Phil Nickinson really depends on what the initial stock allocations were per region ;) I wonder which part of the supply chain was broken here? I can't imagine Google wanted people to not have their new phone/tablet.
No need for LTE here either we MIGHT get covered by 2014
Mine was a total impulse buy... Google got some money out of me yesterday as I also bought a Nexus 7 earlier from Walmart. I wasn't going to get it because of lack of LTE and LG but I cracked, after owning a Nexus (Gnex) I don't think I want another device and I always have to have the latest and greatest
No LTE with updates from Google beats LTE on carrier with terrible battery life & stuck on Gingerbread! 
I was one of those people. The site of the LG logo made me cringe but after watching your walk through along with listening to Miriams praise on the Engadget mobile podcast I decided to give it a whirl. Guess it's good to open up and give someone besides Samsung a whirl. 
Many don't need LTE like me simply because its just not available much outside the US 
Tmobile has insanely fast HSPA+ so why need LTE and another battery sucking radio?
+Manny Solo I think you are partially right.  I am jumping from VZW Gnex to Nexus 4.  Most of the time I had LTE shut off on my Gnex because of battery drain.  Unless you are in a saturated LTE coverage area, sometimes its not worth using.  I think it was a necessary design change for now.  Though I can't see the Nexus 5 being without LTE.  I could be completely wrong on that too though. 
David B
LTE is not the point here. I applaud what Google is trying to do here, change how mobile is done here in the States. Yea internal space is a issue, but no contract is above and beyond a + when buying this phone. More freedom + lower monthly bill= unlocked Nexus. 
+David Blackwell What freedom do you have? It wont work on any carrier and you pay the same amount for voice and data. You have always been able to buy phones with no contract so nothing is changed.
+Todd Selby It will work on most carriers except for CDMA carriers, cuz they're a pain with which to work. Also, I have yet to see a phone for $349 off contract worth buying except the N4.
Surprised to see the Nexus 10 32GB sold out as well.
But but but but we should not just backup and say nothing, I left iOS because of Apple decide what I should like and use and I don't want +Google behave the same way....
anyone know when they will have them available again? I'm thinking within a week? totally guessing tho lol
My Razr maxx does just fine with an LTE radio as does my bionic with over 32 hours of standby time from its extended battery. Please dont opine about how LTE is not needed unless u live overseas or only use on wifi. The phone looks great but only to a limited audience. 4g and above are the future and google should get out of 2005 with this nonsense
+Phil Nickinson When you were at LG, did they talk about what kind of output capacity they have for phones?  How much of it do you think they would dedicate to a product like this?
Since this phone works on more than networks than it doesn't, I think it looks good to more that a limited audience.
+Mawdo Jawo Google isn't. Android is still open source and you are free to get ANY Android phone you desire.

The Nexus can't be everything to everyone. But Android can.
There's 4G here and there with +Vodafone España it's almost inexistence and as I'm someone who change phones annually, this phone is perfect for me ( the 8 GB version) maybe #Nexus5 will come with 4G and by then our carriers would have deployed more 4G markets...
+Todd Selby What freedom?  Let's see - I can use this phone in over 200 countries by inserting a local SIM card.  I can use it on two of major carriers here in US.  Or I can go to MVNO like StraightTalk and get unlimited talk/text and 2 gbs data for $45/month - less than half of what you'd pay Verizon.
In America this is purely a wifi phone. Break out the Groove ip dialer! 
now back to 20+ MB per second downloads on my Motorola  handsets. LTE!
+Queens Nicky  some people are getting 20+mbps (not MBps, two different things) on their Nexus 4's with T-Mobile
+Manny Solo Google can't offer us the same specs and features found on other devices?
I bought the Galaxy nexus last year besides the camera flop and plasticky cover and will buy the #Nexus4 besides all what it lacks but I don't think I will keep on just giving them my money every year while they're just offering the minimum
This will be my first Nexus phone, have the Nexus 7. My Samsung Blaze, admittedly a danged good phone, won't go any further than ICS and there are no stable Jelly Bean customs out there. 2 updates from Google so far makes me want to never have a non-Nexus device ever again. HSPA+ is plenty fast for me.
+Jelanie Sandiford please excuse my typo, we both know what i was saying. We also both know Tmobile is NOT comparable to Verizon in any way shape or form in consistency, speed and in 4g coverage. understand im not knocking the Nexus its just that 4g is very important in this neck of the woods 
+Queens Nicky TMobile is also not comparable to Verizon in price.  With my $30 a month pre-paid, no contract plan, I get 100 minutes of talk (more than enough for me), unlimited text and 5GB of HSPA+ data which I can freely tether other devices through and use to make voice calls over data.  Granted, TM certainly doesn't have the coverage Verizon does.
I have this for my phone but I'm going to Straight Talk because AT&Ts coverage is better and use the T-Mobile service when I get the Nexus & 3G. I'd rather have faster speed on a tablet anyway.
+Queens Nicky in certains cities, T-Mobile's DC-HSPA+ 42mbps service actually is comparable to Verizon in terms of consistency & speed.  And as +Robert Le Blah stated, their phone plans are great.  Add on the fact that you're not going to find any phones with these specs for that price off contract and all you need to say is "wow."
True but 2GB RAM, 8MP Camera and Quadcore Processor under $400 did the trick for me. I still have to test battery life though
+Queens Nicky what can you do with LTE that you can't do with HSPA+? Seriously? And I don't want to hear anything about streaming media when your limited to 2 to 5 GB... You want to download apps in 10 seconds instead of 15? Bring up web pages in 3seconds instead of 7? I don't see the value in paying that much extra (70 to 50 dollars more) on a 2 year contract and being locked down to the one Verizon lte compatible radio band thus limiting your choice of phones. LTE may be important to you but most people aren't taking advantage of a LTE connection... It looks good on paper but other than draining your battery I don't see the use. I know many people justify their high ass cell phone bill because of LTE but I don't see any real world advantages over HSPA+... Other than downloading angry birds a few seconds faster.
+Mark Sanders that's one of the few reasons someone SHOULDN'T get this phone.  Nexus 4 gets the same speeds my Verizon Nexus gets here in NYC using HSPA+.  I know this isn't the same across the country but  people in similar areas as mine shouldn't be crying over lack of LTE
The lack of LTE, and expandable memory, clearly snuffed this debut. Let this be a lesson to you, Google. (/sarcasm)
The first time I used a phone on hspa+ 42, I thought " Damn, this thing is speedy". Sometimes it seems to move at the speed of thought, sometimes not. All in all, good enough.

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