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First 2 eps were good. And Google has got to revive the Nexus Q. 
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+Phil Nickinson the Youtube experience on the nexus q is the exact same experience you get by using the play station 3 Youtube app only better because you can control the Youtube app from any device that can access Youtube mobile site surprise you guys have not reviewed it 
I really want a Nexus Q, hopefully they bring it back with Google TV.
Why would they need to continue making q's when you could just buy a miracast adapter? 
+Phil Nickinson really should give a Vizio CoStar google tv device a try.  Latest update really speeds everything up.  I watched the episodes on the YouTube app for google tv, Worked great.
Milty C
+Fernando De Leon Ive given up on using my ps3 for YouTube and Internet use. Its a very frustrating experience. Plus my Youtube favourites wont show up on my  ps3 even after logging in.

From the reviews ive seen Google TV looks far better. Remote with keyboard also helps.
I'd love a Nexus Q too, my Logitech Revue is a bit long in the tooth and I want something that can stream to my HDTV and Amplifier...come on Google, bring it to Australia!!
Nexus q was interesting but it needed more functions before being released. I would like to see a Nexus google TV device. 
Still kicking myself in the ass for not pulling the trigger on that pre-order. It's ok I'll pay full price once it's back on the market.
Does anyone remember Google wave and buzz. They're dead but kinda not dead. The nexus Q needs to be reborn much like wave and buzz and combined with google TV. i.e. it should be their own device to push the "Google TV" platform forward.
Above all it would bring clarity to the nexus brand. Yes make it gorgeous, yes make me want it but at the same time give it a clear place in the market and in our homes. As it was, it simply confused us with it's positioning of being similar to other products but not quite being a replacement for other products.

Hopefully this isn't one of those Google products that dissapears or only sees the light of day in the US.
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