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Step 1: Obtain Verizon Droid DNA.
Step 2: Open box. Remove phone.
Step 3: Break off that ridiculous door covering the microUSB port.
Step 4: Profit.
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It looks like you can just pull it or rip it off! lol
Yeah I don't get why they would put that on there. Just a pain in the ass every time you need to charge.
Step 5: Burn the hanging chad.
That reminds me of the little "door" Samsung put on the AT&T Captivate. Every time you had to charge it you needed to slide the little "door". Eventually mine broke off on its own and sort of lodged itself inside where it wouldn't slide anymore.

Why in the world would anyone think something like that was a good idea?
That reminds me of the Palm Pre door also.  That was a POS that design was. 
This design definitely sucks. I kind if like the way LG did it on the Sprint LG Marquee or the Samsung Epic 4G (Galaxy S). It just looked very clean and I like the clean look on a device. Best part was if you didn't like it, you could just slide it open and leave it that way. Best of both worlds.
Randy K
Step 7: Fix HTC's stupid mistake, by painting over the 3 buttons, and enabling on-screen soft key navbar.
+Randy Kysar actually depending on what Rom you are running they can be very beneficial.
Randy K
+Don Gray No phones that have shipped with 4.0 or greater should have physical keys.
Isnt that to keep the water out when you drom it in the pool?
I'm with +Susan Moore on this one, since the DNA is most probably based on the J Butterfly, the flap is probably a leftover from the design of that waterproof phone. I've owned many waterproof smartphones and they all have these flaps to protect the ports..

Someone needs to do a waterproof test ;)
I still think that door was designed to irritate users enough that they'll buy wireless chargers to avoid it.
I had that same damn door on my Samsung Omnia. I hated that door.
That silly little door was the reason I bought my first Touchstone. 
Had three doors like that on my old Samsung i8910. One for the cable and one for the Micro SD, on other side of the phone, and one on top for the headphone jack.
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