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Dear Phil:

You know how those birther people demanded to see Obama's birth certificate and he'd never show it and that means he was probably born under a full moon on the plains of Kenya?

Can we get those people to look into LTE on the Nexus 4 and make Google turn it on?

Your pal, Timmy

Hey, Timmy! Good to hear from you again.

I'm pretty sure those groups overlap. Possibly by a lot.
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HAHAH!  there will be no LTE on NEX4
There will be LTE on the NEXUS4LTE from Sprint.
And this is why I don't let anyone call me Timmy..
I wish there was LTE on the Nexus 4, I'd upgrade :)
Sorry Timmy but President Obama showed his Birth Certificate
If the State of Hawaii says Out is real then why is it forged? Just because Birtherr a don't want to believe it? If that it's case all of any state certified Birth Certificate could be said the same.
Its obvious that he used his presidential powers to order a forgery. /s
+Chris Hughes the places and terms on his birth certificate do not match the names of the places when he was born. They match names of places created years afterwards... Even the hospital name was wrong. It had a different name at the time. The birth certificate is fake. It cannot be correct. Its a good fake but its definitely fake.

Its not a tinfoil hat fake. Its a 100% legit fake. The Hawaii government works for the federal government. Obama is in charge of that. It really makes you wonder what his real agenda is. 
Timmy asked that I turn off comments. So I am.