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and I can't get  it to load.  >.<
Can't get it to install from the web link or from the actual play store on my device. 
Time to give it a whirl. 
Disappointing that this is ICS or better. Too bad that was never mentioned in all of the hype leading up to the release.
Just got it, looks great! Thanks for the heads up
I'm loving it. Had no issue with installation on N4 or N7
+Shaun McLane Have you used it on Nexus 7? I get message "Carbon is not compatible with Tablets"?
In the Play store it says not for tablets right now.
+Jason Newman No, haven't tried it yet, but it did install. I'll go pull it out now and let you know.
Thanks for the quick reply +Shaun McLane , strange how GP let us both install it despite the incompatibility with tabs...
+Jason Newman I know it. I just assumed it was going to run in phone mode on the N7. I'm not too worried about it. Just glad to finally have multi-account goodness again. I love Falcon, but couldn't deal with having to log in and out of my multiple accounts.
Could do w/o some of the gratuitous animations but DAMN if it isn't the best & most beautiful Android Twitter client I've seen in a LONG time
Gotta say...I'm impressed. So just a question, but does twitter plan to open up the push notifications to 3rd party apps like carbon anytime soon? Guess I'll just have to keep both on my phone until/if it happens.
It's absolutely stunning. 
Looks great but there is no widget, sticking with plume for now
Got it on my note 2 but says not compatible when I try to put it on my note 10.1.. Great looking app though. 
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