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Whatever the reason, my Nexus 7 is damn near unusable now, it's so slow. Hard-reset time, I guess.
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I was just about to get one. Making me worry now. Did the hard-reset fix it?
I noticed mine became sluggish after the 4.2 update.
And my battery life took a hit after 4.2.  Not on 4.2.1 yet though.
try the app App Cache Cleaner
i did the update to 4.2 and ended up doing a hard reset to get my 7 back to normal. Didn't notice a real difference with 4.2.1 
10 minutes to download Jet Set Radio. Never could get it to load. Took 8 minuts to DL and run on the Droid DNA. Something's not right.
Mine lost its "butter-ness" a bit after 4.2 and battery life is starting to go down a bit. I did notice a significant improvement after disabling Google Currents.
Mine started slowing to a crawl last night. Very odd.
I noticed the same thing on mine and checked some of my apps. I uninstalled the G+ updates and turned off background Syncing for Google Currents and that made mine much better. They need to get these bugs fixed because my N7 was the best damn thing ever before 4.2. It's still good but not as smooth as it used to be. Has me thinking about finally rooting and flashing a ROM on it.
Oh wow...thought it was just me.  I can't keep a WiFi signal to save my life. I have to turn off the WiFi and back on to regain a strong connection. It's overall very sluggish now :(
Currents brought my N7 to it's knees.
4.2 really made it slower, you especially notice it when scrolling the homescreens while installing apps, lag action :/
Check your free space. There was a thread on XDA about it getting sluggish when you have < 3 GB remaining. After that, only a hard reset fixes it.
^^ this. i had that problem but deleting stuff fixed it. didn't have to do a hard reset.
Yeah, I've seen all the G+, free space fixes. And that's good. Glad someone found them. But that's kinda not the point.
I agree mine has been very sluggish since I updated it.
It's currents fault. Google rushed 4.2 no doubt about it. 
+Phil Nickinson ya we shouldn't really have to jump through these hoops to get it to run how it's supposed to. It sucks that those 3 GB can't be used. On the 16 GB model you really on have 10 GB usable space...
+Phil Nickinson I had that problem after putting a couple of movies on it and taking up lots of storage space. Once I deleted them, it was back to normal.
I thought 4.1.2 was supposed to fix the lag when there was little space remaining? it seemed to for me (after filling up the remaining space and then deleting it to make the TRIM code kick in).  

However it has gone slower since 4.2 - I haven't used it much since 4.2.1 to see if that sorted it.
I've never had a problem with 4.2 on my n7 and I have <1GB left. 
Still running great here, but 4.2 is definitely not as butter as 4.1.2
Google Play still doesn't know i have one.  I am thinking of installing the factory image on the device.  I have read that that seems to fix the issue if clearing out the cache from Google services and Google Play doesn't work.
Apparently the app "Forever Gone" will fix this.
not sure if 4.2 made this worse, but screen rotation takes really really long sometimes, and i think its still a bit laggy, compared to ios...
Make sure Currents is not syncing. The 4.2 update seemed to enable this by default and, at least anecdotally, it's been causing issues. Also, make sure you aren't within a few GB's of you're storage limit. Last thing I can advise is to boot into recovery and wipe the app cache. 
My N7 likes to mess with the wireless signal, so nothing else can access it.  When I have it awake/on, its fine, powered down everything its fine, but when it goes to sleep, wireless stops in my house.  Been keeping it off more than on lately.  :(
Mine too after the update. I don't even show it off right now.
yep me too. Our N7 ran like CRAP after the 4.2 update. Had to hard reset it as well. Didn't help much...
My N7 is also running like crap after the first 4.2 update.  Hoping it's fixed in this week's OTA but not really expecting much.  FWIW adding a second user was a complete disaster and made the device completely unusable.  I had to delete the second user to even get the device back to a reasonable state.
The biggest issue with my N7 in general has been that it doesn't seem to go into deep sleep whenever I leave wifi enabled (16GB wifi only version). I've had to grab an app that puts it into Airplane Mode whenver the screen is off or else if I leave it unused for awhile...the battery is constantly draining. Everything else seemed to run fine since I got it. I installed 4.2 yesterday but haven't really used it much since. I'll give it a go tonight to see if I notice any lag/issues. I have about 7.6 GBs free 
After 4.2 update, I notice some background tasks can unexpectedly keep the CPU usage up. No connection problems. Battery will tap out after a few hours of YouTube and web surfing, seems like I always have it on the charger. 
I just started the next update (4.2.1). I will clear cache, do a hard reset after the update, and see if battery life improves. 
having 3GB free is impossible when all i have in the first place is 5GB, add apps to that and that's all gone. 
Not sluggish at all, but battery life has noticeably shortened after the 4.2 update..

*update* 4.2.1 is running smooth as butter, battery life has been restored as well. 
I have noticed since 4.2 the battery life is dramatically different.  In a bad way...  I cleared the cache and updated to 4.2.1 and it does seem to run smoother...haven't been on it long enough with the latest update to see if the battery is any better.  I've had issues with the wifi connection since 4.2 came along.  Constantly having to turn wifi on/off because the G+ app locks up along with a few others.
My Nexus 7 was unusable when I pushed the 4.2 update. It lagged all over the place! Hard-reset re-installed apps and it's night and day! Back to it's old "buttery" self :).

Even battery life is back to what it was. 
i find it to be a storage problem.. when i have 1GB left my device lags bad.. but once i free up about 2GB or more its fine..
After 4.2, here is how I returned to da buttaaa/stable wifi ,without a hard reset. Clear cache/data in launcher, forget saved WiFi networks, check app list for possible non 4.2 compatibles, and make sure all gapps are enabled (I had Wallet disabled) then REBOOT. Reset your launcher, and reset your WiFi...I have thus returned to butter...
This has happened with every Samsung tab I've ever owned
Alex M
Some say it is getting slow if storage is less than 3gb. Worth a try
I also experienced slow times using Google Now and even the keyboard in some places. A factory reset resumed normal function for me. 
+Andrew Schwartz good point...Gnow was horrible after 4.2 OTA..Just uninstalled the updates/cache/data and its back to buttaaa
Google Currents background syncing is probably to blame, heard from more than a few people turning it off helps quite a bit 
Turn off background sync in Google Currents. If that doesn't help, remove Currents.
My you tube buffers constantly to the point it is unusable. Downloaded an 100mb app from the play store and took over 10 minutes. Very unusual behavior the past few weeks. My road runner averages 20mbps down. I am on 4.2. 
Netflix buffered really bad for me an screen nav was choppy on 4.2. Only had 4.2.1 for a few hours but so far it feels like 4.1. Buttery smooth!
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