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Wait. Am I the saddest person at CES? Thought so for a second.

(Looks like a CNET commenter outed me, too!)
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:) Spotted you this morning! ARE you this sad?
In some spots around the world they might say about you ignoring that lady "what an ass" :P
You seriously look like you don't give a rats ass.
OH wow. Is Cnet famous better than Internet Famous?
+Phil Nickinson Would if I were there! We are covering from the comfort of our studio this year, with a few folks roaming around and channeling us footage for the network. Otherwise, I would!! Keep up the great work. Your team is doing awesome.
+Andrew Martonik Yeah what ever you keep telling yourself buddy. :P I would have carried +Phil Nickinson coffee around for a week if it meant going to CES the week before me coming out for the SHOT Show next week, hell. HAHA!
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