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The one where +Alex Dobie gives his take on the #Nexus4.
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Your exhaustive review wasnt an easy act to follow , but Alex excelled. 
for those buying the Nexus 4 and want to join Solavei this is how you go about setting up for your Nexus 4

 1. To begin signup of your Nexus 4 use this link.
2. Enter your zip to confirm coverage
3. [Important] Use the following IMEI # to get past the first step: 353022055115650 . This IMEI ensures you get the micro-sim card instead of a full-size sim.
4. Solavei asks if you want to port a phone # or have them choose a phone # for you.
5. Solavei asks for the usual personal information
6. Solavei mentions that it will be shipping you a "sim" but does not go into detail whether it is a micro-sim or not. Don't worry. The IMEI # you used earlier ensures it is a micro-sim.
7. Finish the process and a micro-sim card will be shipped out to you within 2 business days #Googlenexus #Lgnexus4 #solavei

Hope that helps.
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