Ah ha! Figured it out.

That International Business Times story on the Nexus 4 production supposedly being halted by LG is (a) still B.S. and (b) a piece by Journatic.

You may remember Journatic from the "This American Life" episode about "oursourced journalism." Particularly the part where bylines were being invented, and "hyperlocal" (I'll never stop hating that term) stories and data being produced for newspapers not locally, but abroad.

I recommend Poynter's story on Journatic (http://goo.gl/ZjYIc), as well as the TAL episode (http://goo.gl/wMx0o), and subsequent update (http://goo.gl/fAuyK).

Explains it all. Why the transitions told a story unsupported by the quotes (especially if you actually listen to them being said at the press conference), and why the author, in addition to other tech stories, has the odd piece on Justin Bieber and Kristin Stewart. (I only looked two pages deep and stopped there.) Not that that can't happen these days, but the randomness raised a red flag.

Oh, and the author's LinkedIn bio says "Reporter (Entertainment, Tech) at International Business Times AU Events Writer at Journatic." (http://goo.gl/KjMGm)

So, yeah. You shan't be seeing a story on this at +Android Central.

(Edited for a typo and clarity. And to state that I've edited for a typo and clarity.)
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