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Ah ha! Figured it out.

That International Business Times story on the Nexus 4 production supposedly being halted by LG is (a) still B.S. and (b) a piece by Journatic.

You may remember Journatic from the "This American Life" episode about "oursourced journalism." Particularly the part where bylines were being invented, and "hyperlocal" (I'll never stop hating that term) stories and data being produced for newspapers not locally, but abroad.

I recommend Poynter's story on Journatic (, as well as the TAL episode (, and subsequent update (

Explains it all. Why the transitions told a story unsupported by the quotes (especially if you actually listen to them being said at the press conference), and why the author, in addition to other tech stories, has the odd piece on Justin Bieber and Kristin Stewart. (I only looked two pages deep and stopped there.) Not that that can't happen these days, but the randomness raised a red flag.

Oh, and the author's LinkedIn bio says "Reporter (Entertainment, Tech) at International Business Times AU Events Writer at Journatic." (

So, yeah. You shan't be seeing a story on this at +Android Central.

(Edited for a typo and clarity. And to state that I've edited for a typo and clarity.)
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you mean Justin isn't really trying to get Selena back?!?
Noooo! It has to be true! That one guys said so...remember?
I don't believe it either. Would love to hear your take on what is going on with supply of Nexus 4's though. Does seem like they're not making any.
So mine isn't now a collectors item worth $1000? Dammit, better cancel that eBay auction ;-) 
Some people will say anything to get some air time. Got my nexus4 in the end and its been worth the wait..hang in there peeps.
I can't believe anyone would think this "rumor" is even remotely true...
The story doesn't matter, much.  The damn phone hasn't been available since it's been released.  At this point, I'd rather hear that they aren't making anymore, than see continued weeks go by with no option to order and no word on availability.
+Robert Le Blah That's the annoying part. Just come out and say what's going on so that people can either wait, find it somewhere else, or buy something else. Why the silence?
I agree with +Phil Nickinson on this , of came out of no where and they based it off what a CEO said at ces. There is no way Google would create a device so shortly after releasing one.
I can't believe how far out of control the rumors about this spread today.
International Business Times now has a good reference of their impact they can show to advertisers...
Way to go +Phil Nickinson! Where some people would just ignore a story like this, you dug to the bottom of the story and found the real information. Actual Investigative journalism is not dead! 
thank you for clarifying this. I'll be deleting repost of this " article" from my G+ page
Thanks, folks, but that was common sense and five clicks in a Google search. Not quite investigative journalism. :p
+Sowande Brown-Lawson Point taken, and lumps taken, too, iirc, though I dunno about corrections "for days." And I still don't have LTE on my N4, but that's beside the point. I also very much disagree with "Media is media." That's as misguided and superficial as saying "Lawyers are lawyers."
no LTE on my N4, either. Hardly miss it with excellent HSPA+ coverage here.
Ok so the story might be false but there might be some kind of truth and here is why I think. The nexus 4 has been out of stock longer than any other nexus device that has gone out of stock. I think it's a little odd that the device be out of stock for so long. It kinda reminds me of when the G2x was pulled but the public was told it was just because of demand and the phone is just selling that well. Another thing that makes me go hmm is the fact that Google pulled the system images for the nexus 4(which are still not available) I'm thinking the whole LTE thing got either LG or Google into some hot water and is why it's still out of stock and also why the images have been pulled. 
+Patrick Hill Interesting theory. But then, why has T-Mobile said their stores will be restocking on N4s this month?
I don't think any IBT story should be taken seriously anymore after reading their article in which the author named the iPad mini as the best 7-inch tablet and called iOS 6 the best OS of all time. Now that is BS.
+Nickan Fayyazi Maybe they've been re-designed to eliminate use of LTE, or maybe the FCC has it under review?  I just wish the damn thing was available.  My Nexus One is getting weak.
+Robert Le Blah I think everyone can definitely agree on the second sentence. I don't really care what the problem is so long as the N4 gets back in stock soon and Google doesn't get into any sort of serious trouble.
This is why I read AC (and MobileNations as a whole).. Real journalism. I hope that's a compliment, because it's meant to be. 
I just went to looked up the quotes and watched the YouTube video of CES. Pretty obvious it was garbage.
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