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Just me spinning and trying to avoid falling in. Sun made it difficult
Agreed about the mobile app....

That's a good one Phil.  Don't fall in, and don't drop the phone!
much better than the first one, but all in all this needs some more improvements until its really good...
Very good, I need to get working on photosphere, though doesn't always look the best taking pics with a N10
Does anyone else look at these and think it's a gimmicky blurry panoramic or is it just me? 
I think if Google handles this right it could take off big style. The usual panoramic pictures can be limited and sometimes look to distant. If these were opened up and more readily available, I think a lot of people would use them.
They really need to integrate sphere view in the mobile app
+George Fagan FYI if you download the image from the mobile G+ app you can interact with it as a native photo sphere in the Gallery. Hopefully Google will bring native sphere view to G+ soon.
Alec G
Great picture! I would be so scared taking a picture next to all that water with my new Nexus 4.
Alec G
You really get a feel for what's in the picture with photosphere.
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