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FYI: That "SwiftKey flow" folks have noticed on the Sprint and Verizon Galaxy Note 2 is not the "SwiftKey Flow" keyboard. It's still Samsung's keyboard. With SwiftKey's API. 

Same as on the other Galaxy Note 2s that have been out for weeks.
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I am liking this note 2 so far

Googles prediction is way better than swift keys in my opinion 
Can't wait for swift key flow. Ditched it for stock 4.2 at the moment but miss those predictions
Why won't Google let me swear and say rude words? It's in the dictionary but won't insert!
I didn't know that's the SwiftKey API. Nice :) Maybe I'll keep the default keyboard, then. I just like Swiftkey's layout better.
I'm liking the note very much. 
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