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Gonna spend the afternoon reading +Rene Ritchie's opus.
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Let me guess. Revolutionary! Best form factor ever. 
TLDNR. Besides that. Seams to be very thorough.
Meh... I agree, I sold my Transformer because (after trying with the nook color and nook tab) that the Nexus 7 is really a great form factor for everything. Now as I said, I had Nooks, but their lack of capability and even after hacking, functionality wasn't up to snuff. The N7 really is. Plus as a nexus I know I can hack more functionality in as I need it. For the time being I have a bluetooth keyboard and mouse at my desk allowing my nook to take the place of the transformer. 
So that said, What Rene left out was that Steve Jobs was wrong when he said 7" tabs are DOA. It turns out the iPad isn't "the perfect size" Hence Apples strategy of telling people what they want instead of testing, is failing them to some degree... 
I did like the detail that he has, and if I cared at all, I would read it all. I don't, I have enough ammo on Apple ATM to throw any iToting device owner under if he tries to come with it... #iPhonesSuck! #AppleBash! LOL. BTW my buddies iP5 arrives today... He's been waiting two weeks. Told him he should have canceled it and got something cutting edge, like the Galaxy S3, or at least the N4! But some people just haven't seen the light yet...
Did you really just type all that? yawn thanks for playing 
It's an iPad, how long could the review be? We already know everything about it if you look at an iPad 2
iPad mini sucks. The thin bezel sucks. The price sucks. The Nexus 7 blows it away.
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