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My Keurig just mentioned that it's seen less of me today and asked if I'd finally finished the #nexus4  review.
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Hallucinations? Wow I can't wait to read this review!
I love my Keurig. Best coffee machine. 
Is there a good Nexus4 and S3 comparison? I know +Phil Nickinson is sporting an S3. Will your article compare the 2?
Thanks for the reminder that I need to order more Dunkin Donuts K-cups.
+Tyler Presley The review won't (since I posted it yesterday and, again, it's already 6,000 words). Definitely will do a separate comparison though.
Thanks +Phil Nickinson. I've got a GS3 ATM. I'm thinking about giving it to my wife, and getting this phone. I'm just wondering how much of a step down it will be. 
Thanks for reminding me, I need another cuppa Keurig coffee
J Agnew
Keurig sucks. It doesn't have LTE, a removable battery or an SD slot. 
The SD slot corrupts the water temp management.  LTE does increase drip speed, but its still a power suck, thus making the removable battery a must.  
what do you think of Anand's benchmark results and the possibility that there might be some aggressive thermal throttling
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