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My Nexus 4 looks cooler than your Nexus 4.
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It's great that there are so many cool cases for the nexus 4! If I wouldn't have bought one a few days ago I would order that. Do you ship to Germany?
That's awesome, I'm jealous. Still waiting on my cruzerlite cases being delivered for my Nexus 4, already been a month. Damn international shipping.
My Nexus 4 is an EVO 3D so that would be why. 
That does look pretty slick.
You absolutely should smuggle one to Spain for one of the guys to bring back for me ;-) 
I have that case for both, G Nexus and my Nexus 4 . 
Now is looking mighty sexy. Also do one why the colors of the intro to the videos. That would be nice...
I hear Nexus 4 cases out number actual Nexus 4s 3:1.. Wicked.
I just see a case, I dont see a nexus 4 anywhere so no its not! Oh wait, I dont have a nexus 4...... yet!
Always gotta one up the crowd.  But that is way cool!
You lost your glittering bling though.......
Where did you get that case?
That, my friend, is the coolest case that I have ever seen.
No glitter? You should have gotten a clear one Phil
It sure does..even more so cause I still dont have my Nexus 4
His pose is pretty pretentious
I need to get one of those for my N7. Looks great! 
Hey Phil, i will love to have one of those here in Costa Rica, my nexus its coming next week, im the biggest fan that Android Central can have in this part of the world!!!!
I have a seidio active case with kickstand for my nexus 4 but now I want that case
Only until tomorrow. My Nexus will be sporting a Lloyd of its own.
I think my naked nexus 4 is cooler :)
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