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And this is a thing that is happening. #parkingwars  
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So is the one with a cone for motorcycles?  lol
They could just put more diagonal lines in the spot where the cone is to give handicapped people room to get out on that side of the car.
+Anthony Raffini I'm guessing that's probably what the original design was for... Handicap vans with elevators. Maybe somewhere along the way someone didn't understand and didn't bother painting the info..
why don't they just take out that stupid little island and make the mini spot bigger.  BTW this is the most f'd parking lot i have ever seen.  Complete FAIL.
Looks like it doesn't matter if there are parking spaces. It appears as if that red car on the bottom right can't park for shit
I've enjoyed he saga of your work's parking lot way more than I should have.
God dammit, this parking lot. I can't imagine the individual responsible for this is a sane person. It's been a blast watching this evolve into this fuckery. 
Never thought I'd see the day, sad to see it come to an end.
Just need a motorcycle paint job or sign for the small space where the cone is at!
+Phil Nickinson Its actually been pretty funny following your post about the parking lot going though the construction process. Great commentary! LOL
I don't know, this parking lot and all the pictures of it are starting grow on me. 
What?  No EV charge station?  Blasphemy!
I love it! we're going to make a parking spot. We're going to make it smaller then the others so it looks like a motorcycle parking lot. Then when they get their hopes up for a good motorcycle parking spot, we'll put an orange cone in front of it to take it all away.
What do you want to bet that the island takes out a few rims? 
So a dirt parking lot that fit 20 or so cars before now fits 6. Granted there are dedicated entry and exit points and marked parking locations. Someone shouldn't double park you... But now the space is poorly used.
+Phil Nickinsoncan we get a side by side of the before and after?
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