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"We're outraged!"

I agree. We could have done better.

"We're outraged that you agree and think you can do better!"

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If backed into a corner which Android device would you buy this weekend?  Caveat - TMO or ATT where your carrier choices.

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 2
2. Nexus 4
3. LG Optimus G
4. Wait for SG4
If the Nexus 4 had LTE, I'd easily jump on that. Its sibling the Optimus G I would go for if it were better-looking (maybe LG made it look bleh so distinguish it from the N4, no?). GN2 is too large for my tastes. Long story short...wait for SG4. :p
Thanks for comments so far!!  The N4 has a LTE chipset and users in Canada have been able to activate it using a code entered into the dial pad.  They are getting faster speeds as a result 15/15mbs.   

The LTE frequency in Canada is the same one (i believe) TMO will use next year in the US so... ;)  maybe they will flip it on as  a surprise.
5.  Ride out my GNex until the Note 2 is < $350 unlocked 
Turns out the Nexus 4 actually has LTE band 4 (AWS 1700/2100MHz) that Canada (Bell, Rogers and Telus) uses and is the same one that T-Mobile USA will use for their LTE. AWESOME!!!!
+Raymond Laracuenta and +Harry Evangelou , the caveat to that is that because it's not legal for the phone to run LTE, there very well could be a push for the US carriers to block the phone from using LTE.
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