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A special place in hell for people who rip and re-upload your Youtube videos. :-/
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I've never seen the point in that.
YouTube should should scan to detect and prevent this (even if not instantly).  A 'fingerprint' of the video can be generated just as Shazam/Soundcloud etc do with audio.
Might be the time to start adding watermarks to your videos. At least that way anyone who watches it still knows it's from Android Central or give the people who re-uploaded more to do to hide that they are ripping the original source. 
It's terrible when you see a "new" video (according with your search criteria) and when you watch it's just the same you watched days ago. I just hate it.
The other day I saw a video of someone recording the original video with a camera and reposted it on YouTube.
I cant count the number of videos I've seen using The Verge's Nexus walk though in their video and not crediting them. Yes, they did a great job but you can't just steal their work. 
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