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Blue pill or green pill? #ingress
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thats the game that eats your battery like crazy...
Something that's not common in your area. My home and my workplace are both very green, so I went for blue (plus, for historical reasons, it's hard being French and fighting the Resistance).
Are you stuck with the first choice or can you switch side? 
You lose any progress if you switch. Like starting all over.
Switching is possible, but it takes several days for the request to be processed, you lose all your progress, and you can't re-use the same nickname.
Android Green!
Thanks. If I ever get an invite I don't expect too much activity where I live yet. Eager to try though. 
John B
Is there a way to change your agent name?
It should be automatic according to the resistance/enlightened ratio
protip: If you take one of the little blue pills, for the love of god don't go to the beach.
Damn this game is like an inside joke that the majority of us can't be a part of :(
Yeah, post your location and someone will look up the battlefield status near you and advise
Good point from +Tim Bray. I don't know if it's possible to access the map at before you choose a faction. Anyway, if +Phil Nickinson lives where I think he does, there's just some weak blue activity (some L1 resonators, barely a few L2s, almost no shields). Going green would give a bit of competition without being overwhelmed by a strong competitor.
So few portals here. Took a chance and rolled the dice. Now to get to work. This should be interesting. :)
I'm 58. Blue pill has a different meaning to me!
+Phil Nickinson - As you submit suggestions for new portals, be sure to have location enabled in your camera, and don't shoot at too high a resolution (8MP from Nexus 4 gets close to the size limit that can be sent).
+Jean-Baptiste Quéru nice, but how are invitations handled? Is it possible to play #Ingress  in Spain? We have loads of interesting stuff to be portals and whatnots, many of them hundreds and even thousands of years old...

TL;DR: invite me already! :-)
+David S. de Lis - As I understand it's possible to request an invitation on the web site, or to show some creativity around the logo or other things, but that's really all I know. As a mid-level user I can't invite anyone at the moment.
+Jean-Baptiste Quéru ah, I see... bummer... well, thanks a lot, anyway! I have sent a shitload of invitations through the website, I guess I will have to start being annoying everywhere until I get one... I will unveil the power of Perl... I hope the website doesn't explode... :-P
I got my invite by following +Joe Philley He give out codes on his stream. You just have to get it entered before anyone else does. Only took me an hour one night to get it
+Travis Bean ah, thanks, I will do so! ^_^  By the way, is this excessively data consuming? I have a data cap, so it's interesting to know beforehand... Thx!
Not sure let me check my account
+David S. de Lis I have used 182mb this month, and have only played ingress for like a week. I don't use much mobile data for anything else since I am around wifi most of the time. I wish I had a better answer for you
I'd say it uses low tens of megabytes for quite a few hours of play, but that obviously depends on how much you play, how many locations you visit (to download the photos of portals) and how wide an area you travel to with the game active (to download maps). Of course your mileage data patterns may vary. Mostly, expect to eat through battery very quickly.
OK, battery life scavenging was expecting, data use might be a problem if I play a lot... We'll see, I still have to think of an nice idea to get the invitation code...

I think this will be the perfect excuse to walk more as my doctor keeps telling me to do... Nerdy excuses for a healthier life... :-)

Thanks for all!
+David S. de Lis - It's a great way to move around. It keeps your mind focused on an actual goal (and not just "walking"), it involves small enough hops to not be exhausting, and because it's not just steady straight walking it makes you exercise in more varied way.

Not long ago, I used to have to force myself to walk around campus (I have my usual 1-mile loop that takes about 15 minute). Now I have to force myself to stop playing as I have some work to do.
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